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The Underground Rock Scene of the 80s and the 90s

August 14, 2021
Vaishali Adwant

Two extremes in the rock genre began in the 80’s following the 90’s rock scene until pop genre ruled the charts with Britney Spears, Christina Auguliera, and Robin Williams, and the ilk. The freedom of expression through the rock music genre saw its way beyond the forbidden, singing about obnoxious fantasies, dark themes, and sadness. Nirvana makes Kurt Cobain the most celebrated discography of depression, Lithium, and all everything that is wrong in the world only to make you think and ponder why were these Punk grunge, and rock artists even famous when their compositions sounded amateurish with guitar and synth in the background. You could come up with a tune sound much better than Cobian or Bowie. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

My blog is scared to me as is music, art, and creativity. Therefore, I am going to flag the gory truths of what influenced the underground ’80s and ’90s rock scene which was majorly influenced by occultists. When you go down in the history and dig deeper, you will only find darkness in the name of ’80s underground rock, punk, and grunge music.

It makes you wonder if The Beatles, especially their lead vocalist, John Lennon was making a facade of spirituality turning back to his addiction and violence which defy the essence of spirituality. At least, his lyrics were not as blashphemous as other grunge and punk artists who glorified darkness and misanthropy. That is nothing to sing and dance about, when your lyrics describe hideous and darkness that does not take the human race to a higher realm, you probably need to question your choices, what you are listening to.

The ’80s accepted novelty in any form ushered from the conservative and retro ’70s era. Masses were not spiritually aware and made a god of Kurt Cobian who was influenced by an occultist. Unlike today where most can tell good from evil, the ’80s underground scene was a motley of experiments with faith, beliefs, ideologies, and music.

Today you might not want to sit through a few seconds of the ’80s punk and grunge rock music that had nothing motivational to give to the world through music. The iconic David Bowie was a known occultist whose music and lyrics of a few tracks could make you wonder how was he accepted as an influential music icon. The underground scene of rock was sacrilegious, distasteful making you wonder why was angst, pain, and immorality a music genre. It’s not music anymore, it’s a siren song, nothing good for your ears, mind, heart, and the soul. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Punk, Hard Rock, And Metalcore

Hard rock and metal entered the scene with electric guitars, high octane compositions making rock ballads and rock and roll take a back seat. The lyrics got caustic, deriding ideologies that didn’t ring a bell with the artists. Unlike The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and the ilk, they didn’t have optimism and hope to offer to the world creating a whirlpool of Prozac-nation of those who binged on depression. Nirvana’s lead vocalist Kurt Cobian had a tragic death, but unlike John Lennon, he was not a spiritual artist who wanted peace in the world. His music and lyrics spewed misanthropy, which makes me wonder why was he an influential icon in the grunge scene. Wouldn’t you want to tell the world to love each other and be compassionate through music? Cobain’s ideologies were rather screwed and twisted for an artist and a musician.

The typical punk sub genres were particularly disturbing without a rhyme or meaning you couldn’t resonate with in your day-to-day life or even give it a thought. They didn’t make you think because their intent was to rebel fundamental human values for artistic expression or glorify darkness of the other worlds that defy spiritual faith. Would you still listen to proto-glam-Oi! Punk? I don’t think so! The art and music genre died its natural death opening avenues to newer rock, punk, and metal portmanteaus like U2, Metallica, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns And Roses, while still celebrating The Rolling Stones, The Smiths, and more.

What is saddening to see is the treatment of music in the ’80s rock and roll scene that seems to have influences from Occultists of that time. ‘ Doing as you please’ was a new thought in the ’80s that was urshered into the ’80s after a conservative ’60s and ’70s that was afraid to adopt novel ideologies and lacked spiritual awareness like we do today to tell good from evil.

It was the age of experiment with music, ideologies, and masses accepted anything that seemed ‘cool’ and ‘unheard of’ without a conscious evaluation. Today you cannot sit through for a few seconds through most of the punk and grunge bands that sang blasphemy making a mockery or deriding spiritual faith. The lyrics stonewalled the existence of virtues and higher ideals, which is just sad for the artists as well as those who seem to love the noise and give it a name of punk and hard rock.

Evolution Of Underground ’80s Rock Sub Cultures

The underground rock scene evolved from the cult punk rock to hard and metalcore. The Blink182, Audioslave, Breaking Benjamin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc sang about the effect of expectations, dysfunctional and broken families, and love themes that were more realistic than romaticized. The pop and synth punk was bearable without the noisy compositions and the profane lyrics. The punk scene of the ’80s pretty much celebrated profanity making you worry about the taste in music and its effect on your psyche.

With pop punk and synth portmanteaus, the profanity was toned down in this genre esthetic. Melodic death metal and the reign of Swedish rock metal bands mixed growling, dark lyrics, with symphonies. Good to the ears, but not to the soul if you care what they are singing about.

It’s sad to see how creative arts like film making, music, or any form of visual arts are used to depict morbid theories and ideologies that defy sacredness and spirituality in the name of art just because art is a discipline that lets you express yourself without bias or restriction; and these are the moribund artists who have abused the essence of art as a platform to invite deviousness in a realm that celebrates love, compassion, joy, togetherness, and oneness of the universe.

As a young adult or teen you wouldn’t be able to see the repurcurssions of this gory music, but I think the underground rock scene of ’80s messed up too many younger minds introducing their impressionable minds to ghoulish ideologies. You do not want to be a messed up teen growing into an adult with skewed ideologies that stop you from seeing the beauty of life and the purpose of mankind. The cult that started in the ’80s is a testimony of making a conscious choice of the kind of music you listen to because it affects your subconscious mind. So, make a good choice that brings good feelings, hope, encouragement, and optimism.

Alternative Rock And Metal From The ’90s

You could say the ’80s was a dark era influenced not by spirituality but darkness and was transforming for good entering the ’90s where the pop genre rules and alternative rock and metal bands brought a sense of freshness expressing myraid emotions through music breaking the conventions of how music was made and composed.

Bush, Chumbawamba, Duran Duran, Coldplay, Vertical Horizon, Oasis, Red Hot Chillie Peppers, Goo Goo Dolls, Snowpatrol, and many more. The American rock bands had more negativity and pessimism which completely defied the ideologies and music of Brit Rock bands like Travis, Suede, Maniac Street Preachers, etc. Rock music has evolved since the ’80s and is no more about Satanic ideologies and celebrates individualism and free-spirited gumption.

Andre Bocelli And The Melodic Fete Of Pop Opera

February 1, 2021
Vaishali Adwant

Italian romance and the dulcet music of Andre Bocelli gives you a tear of joy and sail through moments with symphony of Andre Bocelli’s opera. Your favorite playlist in opera style is an intelligent and endearing portmanteau of commercial music and artistic opera. His style is dulcet and soulful. Elvis Prestly, Celion Dion, Ed Sheeran and many more symphonic duets elate your senses. An evening in the backdrop of romantic evenings when the dusk and twilight begins to dance in the sky to the sound and rythm of the pop opera singer.

Blinded at the age of 12, his passion for music and dulcet singing only grew into finest renditions that touches our soul. Ave Maria, Amazing Grace, Italian songs, has its place in our hearts filling it with hope, love, and beauty. Dramatic, melodious, and symphonic to create a story of emotions stirred as you listen and get engrossed.

Playlist For The Vinyl Records To Make A Comeback

November 14, 2020
Vaishali Adwant

Do rhythms stay in the beat of your heart and cradle your senses? Living in the moment, when soft rock from the 80s and 90s play in the background, what do you have in your mind? Laid back, not thinking about the next moment, will this be your everyday as you sail through the soothing compositions of soft rock and ballads.

Flying above chaos, disturbances, mishaps, setting your soul free from traps of dubiety. Non-nonchalance is a celebrated state of mind with Carpenters, Ray Charles, Journey, Carole King, and many more playing when your mind has nothingness to experience. Is your nirvana, without a feeling of wonder, desire, thought, cruising through time.

With not a care for tomorrow, for the moment is dovish. When tears are not hiking on your cheeks, fuss has no enroute to camp in your mind, lucid mind overtakes and the road taken to avenues in your mind awakened.

Barry Manilow

Love ballads of Barry Manilow in soft rock evoke every feeling you feel when in true love. Not just a feeling per se, but the things you talk about. Soothing compositions with musical conversational poetry is his style of songwriting and composition. “Even Now” talks about troubled relations, when you want to give love a second chance when you are stuck with the not-so-right person for you. Love is never a taboo when its true.

“Cant smile without you” expresses how you feel it hard to feel good without someone you love. Most of his songs have an old-school appeal which not everyone might relate to. Barry Manilow when your heart wants to sail through the time feeling pangs of love, lost, found, and endured.

Louis Amstrong and Ray Charles evergreen composition are soothing enough to mend a hooligan wandering in their listlessness if only they were made to listen to them on a vinyl record.

Perry Como

Easy rock before midnight anybody? Esthetic nox lulling you with Perry Comos discography, and you didn’t knew if you just want to pass the moment or sing-dance with brisk on your feet and a dimple on your cheeks.

 Journey РWhen You Love A Woman

Bring back the tapes with Journey. Playing on a stereo, just like the 80s. It turfs out the excess, doesn’t it? Ushering laid back and humming to their song and lyrics. Singing about love, anyway you want it, despair, searching for everything above intensity, and your world comes to a stand by wishing there was time travel, to journey back and forth through a musical eras.

Ben E King – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Percy Sledge – When A Man Loves A Woman

Carole King – Way Over Yonder

Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon

Tony Benette – Because Of You

A Cup Of Coffee, Light Drizzling, Good Book, And Travis Discography

August 20, 2020
Vaishali Adwant

It’s early morning, you have a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and Travis playing in the background to set an unhurried pace. Dewy-eyed songs that celebrate¬† moments of life through lyrics, rhythm, and composition, paved its way for a newer version of Brit rock. There is not a feel of rebellion or the will to make a change. The Invisible Band sings about love, emotions and complications in relations, self-doubt, self-denial, and myriad emotions you could feel about yourself and the person you love. The beauty of flouncing through knotted feelings of your beloved composed from lamenting sonatas of the subconscious makes everyday life welcoming or maybe not. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Why Does It Always Rain On Me

I love Travis because they are sing about real things we experience in life without the defense of internationalization. They are not trying to make a point or stay blissfully optimistic singing about all nice stuff about life. The moments of desolation of your life could still feel bearable and put a smile on your face because you can relate to Why Does It Always Rain On Me? Didn’t you ever feel out of place just like the protagonist in this song? Life is not all sunshine. You can sing about the grey shades without feeling intense as you let go off those painful moments.

Sing Even When There Is No Hope

Sing has always been my favorite. Reminds me of my teen days, the time that decided that rock genre is forever what I relate to. You could be 70 and not find ‘Sing’ a song from the days of yonder. Your emotions mature as you grow listening to Travis. In your journeys, pass times, happy, and sad times, they are with you, soothing you. Turn is about changing yourself for better. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Re-Offender From The Land That People Forgot

Re-offender is what most of us go through in relations and how we get fooled being abused emotionally over and over in the name of love. Sometimes, the offender is not even sorry, and you pick up pieces of your broken spirit and soul and compel yourself to love life, because you tell yourself, your life is more precious than all the hurt and pain caused. Life is precious enough to learn to find meaning regardless of how bruised you have been in the name of love and everything else.

Write To Reach You

When you love someone so much, logic overrides emotions no matter how things go wrong so you Write To Reach You. We all have had these moments where you are still in love even though there is no logical reason to do with all the chaos and complications. Maybe because something about being in love with the person felt so good, it is waiting to overlook all the wrongs despite feeling hopeless. We all have been there, haven’t we?

An adorable song about seeing your newborn wishing there were more rainbows than sunshine and rains. My eyes is the best song about welcoming your newborn into this world. They write about political situations across the world with The Beautiful Occupation and how we can’t do much about it. Side because s*** happens and we can sing about it and not let it bother us. I love this song because they write about being happy with what you have because life is a circle and all of us experience same emotions which makes us all equal.

Love Will Come Through

Love Will Come Through when you feel dreaded of loving someone knowing not what consequences may come or where it may lead you. Love will come through, its just waiting for you!And hours go by listening to the idyllic melodic fete of Travis.

Philosophical Rock Bands With Gumption That Make You Think As You Sing

July 18, 2020
Vaishali Adwant

philosophical rock bandsRock music and sub genres are the most misunderstood for their in-your-face attitude, offensive lyrics, and blasphemy. Rock bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Elvis Presley, Travis, and the list goes on speak about meaningful and deeper philosophies of life that make you think beyond the mundane hoopla. If we were only to exist without experiencing everything passionately, we are not giving ourselves the scope to venture into paths of newer wisdom and a way of life. Freedom of spirit is the paradigm of most of the philosophical rock bands that let you experience life, love, and relations deeply. The Beatles spirituality celebrated existential transcendence with their music making you sing along to the rhythm of oneness of the universe. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Free-Spirited And Unrestrained

Living an unrestricted life of putting vulnerabilities on your sleeve takes evolution from within to get you there, and reach a realm in your mind and subconscious that sets yourself free from tapestry of distorted emotions arising from toxic attachments. We are humans, as living beings, we attach ourselves to people and things leading to melancholy away from the harmony the soul yearns to experience.

Music And Lyrics With An Ideation

Rebellion is a philosophical struggle found in them music and lyrics of Metallica, singing about realities of life without viewing them from rose tinted glasses. The essence of freedom that splits away from illusion of reality is the crux of most of their songs. When you start making sense of situations, you cannot be deceived by illusions of appearances and look deeper. Metallica uses musical instruments from across the globe to create a blend of dulcet and energizing compositions.

Deep Emotions And Realms

Metallica has an artistic philosophy in its own right singing about deeper and darker emotions, an elegy with an edge of philosophy that does not drown in darkness of melancholy. Their lyrics have an unnamed feeling taking a view at the world that fills their mind with the rust of hatred still finding a reason to be alive. They do not sugarcoat the view of the world in their philosophical lyrics.

Transcendental Rock Music And Consciousness

Kulashekar is doused in Krishna consciousness singing about the essence of elements that make the cosmos. Tattva and Govinda have simple lyrics but the composition takes your mind to a different realm. John Lennon singing about wanting oneness in the world through music is a dream that many dream about in this apocalyptic age. Green day has a strong take on the political philosophy.

Universal Love And Peace

All The Same by Sick Puppies talks about the beauty of love and oneness, an ideal world filled with love, compassion, and acceptance when you love someone deeply without wanting to fix or control them. It takes a broader view where there is no scope for a social control based on ethnicity, language, or community. An ideal world where everybody celebrates their way of life. Their songs sing about myriad things that life is made up of like success through chaos and misery. They also sing about the rebellion in being individualistic that could take one to the coffin for being themselves and living by with an archetype gumption.

Every rock band sings about deeper philosophies, not necessarily that speak about the higher realms alone but also about the mundane thought patterns, feelings, and emotions felt in our lives in different situations. The list is endless if you have to talk about how Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and many other bands changed the perceptions of people through their music, lyrics, and philosophy.

Poets Of The Fall – lyrical ballads

May 28, 2020
Vaishali Adwant

poets of the fallDid you ever love someone to consume the poison of their thoughts and melancholy like an elixir that heals your misjudgments only to take you higher?Will you let anyone in to see your darker side having faith they will still love you, endlessly, understanding what builds your darker side that makes you mysteriously loving through all the poison inside wanting sweetness and love to drive away all the black bile destroying you from within. When you find love that lifts you higher than the somberness and brings you to light from darkness, you have a reason to celebrate everyday as the venom within weakens as the demons are shut with the sweetness of true love.

Poets of The Fall lyrical ballads walk you through the depths of emotions waiting to unveil themselves and set themselves free through the bonds of true love. When you find the heart that wants to listen endlessly without umpiring your thoughts, actions, or words for the heart has only known to love wanting to decipher the beauty of your soul, imbibing the poison of distorted emotions, action, and thoughts from the one you love so with such madness that fail to want to see if it drags you down, because your soul knows that you are only going higher consuming the venom of your love and taking them higher along with you.

True love is the toughest thing. Only true love gives you the drive to search within the others soul to fill it with eternal love and understanding they are yearning for, and your soul sees through the unspoken emotions, dysfunctional melancholy, and baffling episodes. True love is baffling because you are the temple of their thoughts, deciphering every good and complex occurrences diving deep in the ocean of their soul. Do you dare to love someone enough to see beyond their insanity without breaking down, even when words fail emotions, because your heart has only known to love their soul.

Did you ever have the courage to love someone so much that you felt that your life would me a ‘Carnival of rust‘ without loving them. Are you willing to see through the beauty of the soul covered in debris of bad experiences that only bled their trust leading to mishaps one after another. Does your soul yearn depth to want deep emotions that touch your soul and stir emotions and gumption never felt before? Love that lets you sail fearlessly through deeper and darker realms only to find profound like nothing can ever touch that place your mind and soul has reached within sheltering chaos only to soften it with loving kindness and potions of redolence.

When twisted dramas unfold, leaving you in jeopardy to whether to continue or shun, your spirit guides you to see through the beauty mired in bedlam in that none can see and take it to the moon. Did you ever dare to protect someone even when you have been feeling shit scared yourself but wanted only good for them because they are carrying a storm within you cannot relate to but can see them in pain through pursed lips and taciturn, frozen emotions, because you can hear them scream within when none cares to even give it a thought. It takes courage to love someone through their darkness and light. Do you dare to love? Do you want love coming to you like the morning dew? Love, where you do not wish to draw the line, because you accept willingly everything that is coming in the name of love.

Music With A Purpose- binaural beats – healing, empowerment, happiness

May 10, 2020
Vaishali Adwant

Healing through music, healthy food, mindful living are a sine qua none of a good choices you make in life. Destressing through activities that put you back on the track pushes you forward to new horizons.

Happiness frequency
Feel good feeling pleasant. It’s not a difficult choice to make when you make a list of dreams to pursue and live through them every moment.

Dreams fulfillment is possible when you choose a medium to eliminate energy blocking and usher new energy each day creating wonderful moments for yourself and others.

Empower your subconscious mind

Mind is the most powerful tool when not trained well can get destructive. Your subconscious feels stronger having a better conviction without doubts as you practice meditation with binural beats.

Binural beats are frequency sounds, not necessarily musical but meditative. Their goal is to heal various areas of your mind, body, emotions, and soul. They sink deeper to unblock energies and welcome wisdom that puts you in a better dimension.

Instrumental, beta, theta waves your mind meditates upon healing the area of your life that you want to heal. Sound therapy for better sleep, thinking patterns, and more is your trusty sidekick.

Your mind learns to cut distraction, pain, and toxic elements and puts your thinking in a better mode. Experience REM sleep, relaxing your mind and body into deeper states of relaxation.

Comfortably sit or sleep, putting on your headphones and tuning into relaxing tones. On any given day, enhance your moods with this sound healing that alters the moods and thinking patterns of your mind giving it a better rythm.

Music For The Starry Nights

May 6, 2020
Vaishali Adwant

Today I found the missing link for the ‘Starry Nights’ in the most dramatic fashion. Like a fairy feather sailing swiftly through the rocky boulevards, dark fantasy nights, piercing thunderstorms, without changing its pace or rhythm ushered into the bliss of a new light. Beyond the rave parties of Parvathi Valley and Kasol, lies a macrocosm, uncategorized, undefined, and unified through music.Music traverses you between different worlds and bridges everything in the cosmos with a rhythm and a beat. Within the beats of the fantasy music is a story of how your emotions raise their bar experiencing the better of everything. Music from the mystical lands where fairies and angels exist, and all things softer and dulcet, with a spirit of wilderness and poetic mind, gliding through the empire of angels, above and beyond all realms, is a fete for the soul.Talking of classical poetry of Yeats, Tennyson, and the celebrated ilk, they gave a rythm and music to thoughts, facts, history, philosophy, and more. They told the world in verses musical, how the human evolved, how emotions felt in myriad stages and moments.Coming to a standstill, watching meteor shower and starry nights, the cosmos is beckoning us to a new wave of thought, a food for gumption, symphonies your hearts yearning to sing, and get back to the basics.Love so tender and sweet, sewn through the tapestry of melodic verses, reminding time and again , we are hear to love and live with compassion. Not a ideal world yet, but the moments spent looking at the dreamy universe above us, are moments of beautiful surpless emotions, unhinging your soul into boundlessness.

Melodic Fete of Bagpipes, Guitars, and Harp

April 1, 2020
Vaishali Adwant

Once upon a time in a fairyland named Emerald Medusa lived an Elysian tribe of fairies and unicorn beings, waltzing into dull moments and turning them into metaphysical poetry. Enigmas, illuminating worlds with melodic fete of bagpipe and guitar rock, serpentining through the grid of the universe of magic and joy.

Celebrating the zeal of life each day humming and cheering the symphonies through a different beat, pouring the elated fairy dust on beings animate and inanimate to spread joy, expand horizons, and be soaked into the mystisism of universal love.

Every imp that frowned and struted in mischief was cradled in its arms singing and tap dancing to the Celtic bagpipe rock – a harmonious blend of guitars, fantastical harp, and bagpipes.

When the siren of bourgeois nous rewinded, the repeat put itself to rest with unheard harmonies from distant lands that turfed out all the scrum into the blackhole swaying back sonatas, symphonies, soul dwells in.

Flying away into the distant sun on the broken wings of raven waiting to be ushered by Calamus into the kingdom of celestial beings in elysian paradise.

10 Melifilous Tracks To Sooth Your Senses And Feel Bustling Energy During The Lockdown

March 30, 2020
Vaishali Adwant

Soothing music can put your fears down, make you feel hadppy, panic less, reduce cortisol-stress hormone, and have hope. Hum to this playlist, you can go over and over again like a good habit.

  1. Sick Puppies -All The Same

2. Kumbali Trance

3. Enya – May It Be

4. Ivan Torrent – Moonrise

5. T.R.A.P – Jo Bhejhi Thi Dua Mash Up

6. Kulashaker – Govinda

7. Robert Miles – Children

8. Nightwish – Elan

9. Moby – Lift Me Up

10. The Snake Charmer – Aasama Se

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