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Love and Music Heals….

February 20, 2018
Vaishali Adwant

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When you truly love someone, moving mountains becomes a regular feature like its a sine qua none. That is what loving someone truly does to your spirit, it makes every mammoth obstacle and complexity seem effortless, and letting the world watch your madness without you realizing what the world sees does not matter at all. Because there is symphony of music playing through all the mayhem.

Zillion times your heart gets mimed in the process, you still feel the beat and harmony inside your heart because the symphony of love, in its truth plays a different beat, sets a new path and nous, unknown to the world busy living an unpoetic life swimming in the ruthless pragmatism. But, if you have even been bitten by true love that stirs your soul, and you have no explanation for it, you are truly blessed to experience the bliss and chaos making the entire sojourn musical. True love and music can only make you so lost and keep you away from the listlessness of mundane life, that it create a newer dimension of wisdom, so virgin, so new, yet so ancient, and existing since aeons, only you understand its divinity.





Beethoven Created Immortal Harmony Through Disturbed Isolation

February 17, 2018
Vaishali Adwant

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True artists who live their passion are be-quested with melancholy and deep disturbances that they conceal through their gifted art. The immortal of Vienna, Ludwig Van Beethoven had an abusive father who introduced him to playing music. Living through intense paradoxes, spiraling through poignant experiences, Beethoven created symphonies that are immortal.  Like most of the musicians who preceded him, Beethoven made music for the love of it and not to please Kings and their courteous. Abuse and a bad personal life is a bane of every artist and musician. To explore the depths of despair and emotion construct, chaos puts artists through phases of isolation, and through deep suffering, a nous arises into symphonies that are still a celebration to our ears.

If you understand tablatures, you can go through the complexities of the musical notes only to be in awe of this immortal composer and musician who created elaborate romantic and classic music during the Renaissance era.

Know for his complex structure of music that only created melody, Symphonies of Beethoven are a musical anthem even today. A music that hid his pain and agony only to compose maiden symphonies that are etched forever in the timelessness of time.

Symphony no 5 and 9 are the most celebrated pieces of his divine composition that can set an emotional template creating a theme for an opera. Beethoven was not a people pleaser and did not create music to gain popularity. It awful how passion for art and music has become so deeply commercialized, the art per-se has lost its essence that lies in passion.

Beethoven’s symphonies are reminders of the time that people forgot. A time where learning and creativity was an immortal act. A time when people drew inspiration from within and created masterpieces. That time is lost, and only a few those who get it right are ripped apart with ruthlessness like is the case that happens to a true artist.

Enjoy Beethoven’s Silence


Beethoven’s Ode to Joy


Funny Bollywood Songs That Break Convention of Love Songs

February 11, 2018
Vaishali Adwant


Bollywood Comedy songs that give you a break from gushy love and sad Bollywood songs. Not your party music, but enjoyable and quirky. Breaking away from the conventional composition and humdrum, these songs beat a different drum. With lyrics that make you grin if not rib-tickle, these are the kind of songs that can never drip your take on entertainment.

When the Thailava of Bollywood sings a quirky song that diverts from the typical tear-jerking romantic songs he does, this man Shah Rukh Khan, can pull a Lungi Dance like no other along with Yo Yo Honey Singh


A unique song, something that only Govinda can pull off. Devang Patel, the comedy musician and singer who has delivered rib tickling witty songs, has given Bollywood very few but funny numbers. You cannot stop laughing or grinning listening to the bindaas and eccentric nature of this song.

Well, this is song is lip synching to its own original tune with the witty parody in the background. Not your run-of-the-mill cheesy Sahil Jamdar kind of spoofy songs. Yeah parody mein toh hasi ki goli hai.


Yet another Devang Patel and Govinda number from Bollywood with witty lyrics and choreography. These are the only well made comedy songs that are evergreen. Could they ever bore you? I don’t think so. When a composition is made with madness and laughter it rarely fails.

The iconic dance steps and choreography are a sone pe suhaga of this song. An ideal song for Bollywood GIFs cannot fail in its entertainment quotient. Expressions that deserve a separate category in film awards, even Ranveer Singh cannot pull off a Govinda in his atypical style. If you need mindless entertainment, this is something that you must look into.

Can your belly digest this song? even if you are from the sanskaari branded brand? I do think so. Aamir Khan has something uncanny and archetype to offer. Diverting completely from what he usually does, this song has a different beat and make offending you musical and fun. Songs like these, you only laugh them off. hehehahaha

Symphonic Beat of Folk Songs With Modern Twist By Maati Baani

February 8, 2018
Vaishali Adwant


Bring home Rajasthani folk from the India soil with modern twist. Never before heard Rajasthani folk in this harmonious, dulcet tune. Composed and sung by Nirali Karthik and Karthik Shah has nirali tune that is one of a kind and out-of-the-box and out of the world for folk music. If you already like Rajasthani Folk, you will fall in love with these songs by this awesome band, Maati Baani for giving Rajasthani folk songs an urban twist.

Fall in love with this symphonic musical encore and composition by this young and upbeat musician.

ear-candy urban rajasthani folk music. Don’t think twice before subscribing to this awesome band. Nope, I am not their promoter, I love their compositions, can’t help telling you all, what awesome music they create…I am so amazed by their originality and original compositions, that showcase the music of Indian soil to the world of harmonious music.


Zen and Flute Music for Meditation

February 8, 2018
Vaishali Adwant


Music per se is meditative. You don’t need to binge on prozac or find any other outlet to calm down from inner turmoil when you have music that soothes your mind, heart, and inner spirit. There are times when there is so much inner noise, nothing can calm you down, except the pill of music that frails deep into the spirit and leaves you in a meditative state and bring you back to a state of mindfulness.

All of us need this, don’t we? the mindfulness that we consciously ignore, coz we are too caught up and get too absorbed dealing with whats on the brim of our lives, instead of letting good things seep inside. Then there is music, when we fail to have the strength to have a deeper knowledge of who we are. You do not need a master, or a teacher, or a guide, when you have the peace that comes from music, that sets your inner nous to wisdom that becomes auto didactic, it sets you on a auto-pilot to live in the present and seek nothing but things that you love to do, whatever they are.

Sometimes, I feel, things that we choose to ignore, like art, literature, philosophy, and music, only considering them mere pass times, must be included at every state of academics, because they instill invaluable inner knowledge, that we choose to look into after we retire from all the rigmarole.

When you pick a paintbrush or a simple HB pencil and start sketching anything at all, you no more feel the world around you. There is a world created around your thoughts, and gumption when you dwell into any kind of art, and that is what brings beauty into life.

I know music heals, and I can never underestimate what music does to the soul, even for those who are involved in the most hardcore pragmatic hoopla, music is your standstill. Because we need to what is aptly described in Tennyson’s Lotus Eaters poem. That is what music does to us, and we need to let it to us. We are not to forget the inner peace it brings to us, when there is nothing else. You don’t have to be a nirvana seeker to dwell into the depths of music, you just have to let your mind beckon to the deeper sweetness that lays in the bosoms of zen and flute music.

Enjoy this piece in celtic flute..flute is always peaceful in all cultures across the globe and because flute is match for that sound…and the harmony it creates…




The Original Voice of Bappi Da Lahari and All Things Funny

February 7, 2018
Vaishali Adwant


Bappi Lahri, who is the bhanja of the legendary Kishore Kumar has an uncanny original voice. With a world record of recording 180 songs, this is the man with a golden voice and accessories. The musician who had created Disco with Mithun Da and got MJ to India. So nice, like Kuman Sanu he does not copy Kishore Da though he is so bloodly related to the Legendary Kishore Da.

Coming from a family of singers, he has introduced Bollywood to the sound of ‘Disco.’ The jodi of Mithun Da and Bappi Da is everlasting you will not khisko during the disco.

Tamma Tamma- Original version is so mindblowing!! but then again… Yeah tamma tamma kya hai? yeah tamma tamma? Hello anybody? what does tamma tamma mean?

Tamma tamma doesnt mean anything( I did a google search just to know). sooo expected…but that is Bollywood…you should never ever try to find a meaning.

Bollywood ko samajh ne ka galati se mistake nahi karne ka…Dimag ko side me rakhne ka..aur yenjoy karne ka…

Anil Kapoor iconic dancing style adds to the zing of the Bappi Da song. Simple tune, and pure entertainment, watchable even today. With these head gears and lighting wale kapde..Diwali yaad rahi…if you were all this and rome, but who dares wear such gabs, iconic of that era, but so dead wrong, yet so enjoyable and amusing.

Disco Dance- Look at that headgear..could you ever make something like that and shine in the glory…Every piece of this song is a marvel. There can be no other disco dancer like what Bappi Da and Mithun Da made. If I feel sad, I can simply wear this headgear and laugh at myself…this song has all elements of offbeat comedy and music put together, making it paisa vasool entertainment even today. What a rabchik jodi this is na…arre wah wah wah, arre wah wah wah..

Excuse me, bandage lagake gana nahi gaate kya? If this act had been put in todays age, this madness would cross all the boundries of dramas of what even a saas bahu serials have to offer. Wounds clean karke gana gaao miya,

Some pelted stones in this song, or was that before…so? use dettol bandage and sing na re….

Tennu Le

This song could do without the Engleesh lyrics…kahe ko angreezi thoos thoos ke barte hai gaane me…when it can do without it…but, this song is nice, na…whaaat say…




The Most Melodious Besura Retro Song by Hassan Jahangir-

February 6, 2018
Vaishali Adwant


Hawa Hawa…If you plan to give an encore singing this song, make sure, you practice the melodious besura sur, that makes everything about this song a paradox to croon about. Seriously, can you ever get bored of this song ever? I don’t sing so.

Mika cocktail version is good enough, par original is original, boss!!


Ye lo, Mika wala version


Govinda- The Original Dhinchak King of Bollywood

February 6, 2018
Vaishali Adwant


Bollywood likes dhinhak! period. That is the USP of Bollywood! and only we desi people understand the significance of dhinchak entertainment that makes Bollywood stand for what it is, and so is the music. If you are the one looking for serious, heavy-duty stuff, most parts of the Bollywood ain’t for you!! Nobody understands ‘mass appeal’ better than Bollywood does.

Govinda has given the paisa-vasool song and dance sequences that will keep you entertained no matter what era you belong to. With thumkas and jhatkas better than twerking of Miley Cyrus, Govinda entertainment is evergreen and there is no match for that.

Virar ka chokra has brought to you offbeat entertainment. Nobody can do it like Govinda does. His style is uncanny. There can be no other Govinda.


Ghazals that Time Can Never Forgot

February 4, 2018
Vaishali Adwant

I grew up listening to Ghazals of Mehdi Hassan, Gulam Ali, Attaula Khan, and the ilk. Music has been the core of my life since I was a kid. I sang Geeta Dutt’s songs in my classroom to the surprise of my teachers as to how a 2 -grader back then is crooning on old melodies. But, I have always been an old soul. Loved black and white films, songs, and the retro era where music was recorded without the auto-tuner and people knew their passion and spent lives around it.

It’s hard to find the Ghazal singer in the digital age who would match the euphony of what the Ghazal singers brought to this world. Meaningful poetry and thoughts in motion. Mehdi Hassan’s Ranashi Sahi has a harmonizing effect even today, no matter who sings it in tune. If you talk of lasting music, Ghazals of Gulam Ali, Mehdi Hassan, and the legendary ilk can connect you to a soulful music even today.

Here is the modern version of Mehdi Hassan’s Ranashi Sahi


Digital Version of Chupke Chupke Raat Din by Gulam Ali


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