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India Needs More Creativity in the Orchestral Music Genre

June 1, 2018
Vaishali Adwant

The symphony of orchestral and chamber music in India is at an incipient stage. Musicians are so ga-ga about going mainstream, overtone of this genre is blissfully  brushed aside, only making episodic appearance. Orchestral music is a genre so vast, you could spend a lifetime exploring and innovate music never heard before. Chamber and instrumental music is epic and a platform for innovation to create symphony so dulcet, it would take the listener to higher realms.

Chamber and instrumental music is purity in the art of making music and composition. A true musician at heart will wilfully attempt symphonies, even if not bitten by the classics of Beethoven, Maurice Ravel, and the ilk of the classic romantic era of music where renaissance in art and music was limitless and had no commercial bearing.

This is the music that time forgot amidst synthesizers and auto-tuners. Chamber and instrumental symphonies show the love of the musician for its art at its heart. You do not need an opera setting, only talented musicians who like to explore and not stick to the commercial nitty-grittes alone.

On any given day, classics of Mozart, Beethoven, Maurice, and many other classic Italian composers of the romantic era introduce you to finer world than what the sorry likes of Bollywood item numbers did to the very essence of music. “Munni Baadnam Hui” and the grade of such songs are not music, but an ugly trace of the sorry state of commercial music.

Apart from individual bands, musicians have stopped exploring music, running behind record labels, selling their talent and their soul in the name of commercial music, and lost their art amidst the rigmarole. Chamber music is not as celebrated as commercial music but deserves its place in the heart of music. If only this genre is explored, the world will have a new wave of compositions and something new to hear.

The drama of emotions through the overtures and symphonies that only orchestral music can create. enjoy the fantasy epic orchestral piece.

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