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Shower Yourself Some Pixie Dust With The Magical Brit Rock-Pop Bands

September 7, 2019
Vaishali Adwant

Pride Of Manchester - The Top 100 Manchester Bands

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Could Hurt And Pain Truly Stunt You?

Have Defamation And Failures Been The Bolt From The Blue?

Would You Open Up Your Soul To Explore The New?

Again Feel Fresh As a Dew?

Pour Some Pixie Dust On You…and Binge on To Brit Rock Melodies To Eternity…

Transitioning through the slim veil of emotional defence to emotional freedom, everything inside you is changing with a rhythm of Keanes’ Everybody’ Changing, not necessarily a heartbreak, or hurt painful enough to stunt you, but pain, hurtful enough to make you evolve, love yourself not out of motive but wanting to experience life because you have been showed with the pixie dust of Brit Rock bands reminding you the meaning of love, material, spirituality, relations, through the song and lyrics of The Beatles, Keane, Love Bites and Hysteria of Def Leppard, or maybe if you are musically living your daemons singing Ozzy Ozbourne, the choice is yours, or may be climb up the wonder-wall of Oasis.

Feel the universe within with Kulashaker’s Govinda, or sing to eternity humming the discography of The Rolling Stones. If love for material is all left in you, let music remind you the priceless side to life Brit Rock bands make you fathom with music tapes-tried with lyrics. Turn on the playlist like a good habit, listening to the motley gumption from Travis celebrating with Sing, knowing Love Will Come Through, and feel Undone With Duran Duran when your heart wants to be nothing but the melodist composing your own tune and rhythm of life.

Love, lost in the contest of life, lost and found in music, art, and finer artefacts, we have forgotten we need love, because we are not mortal machines covered with lacy doily, saying the world all is pretty carrying a heart turned stone-cold and frozen. Let music melt you, make you shed some tears of joy without relevance or meaning…coz just being is priceless.

You do have a new place to go in your wandering mind and soul, endlessly searching for new avenues, older paths revisited with newer thoughts and emotions, and gumption where the past does not want to look dreary, not shed a tear of regret because music and art sojourns you through time back and forth, and makes everything magical.


Universal Cultural Impact Of 80s New Wave British Rock Bands

August 23, 2019
Vaishali Adwant

The Beatles pioneered the rock scene in London in the 60’s and created a cultural impact since the 70’s through the 80’s unto eternity. They evinced through their music and lyrics of what true rock culture and the essence of music is;  about individualism, free-thinking, liberated ideologies, and universal love. While most of the American rock bands sang about intense negative experiences, emotions, and thoughts with no subtlety, The Brit rock bands of 80’s altered the entire rock scene and formed a portmanteau of new wave rock music that sang about a motley of emotions to their depth.

The Beatles had a cultural impact worldwide asking for peace and transcending through higher realms of spirituality evolving every aspect of emotion with realistic redolence. The Beatles sang about living in the past memories of someone you loved, Hey Jude is a love song dedicated to John Lennon and Yoko’s relationship, Dear Prudence about the hope of a sunny new day, and so forth. The new wave Brit rock bands explored emotions, ideologies, and feelings with prudence and harmony. There is expressionism, openness that people loved to hear and sing about in their music and lyrics. There is a reason you can still relate to what The Beatles and most of the Brit rock bands sang about.

The Pink Floyd broke all the conventions and orthodoxies of then puritan British era and though beyond confirming education, spoke about many things that matter in life with fearless openness to change the ideologies of people for good. Music opens your soul to real wisdom unbounded and limitless. The music of Brit rock lets you care less about what the society has to say or think and let you be yourself thinking originally, processing every idea to reach a higher realm.

But not everyone in the world is looking for a higher realm, and that’s alright as long as you find peace in what you do and do good for yourself and others, your reach is good enough. Pink Floyd might have not always sung about ideologies and emotional dioramas with a rebellious perspective, but they did put thought in their lyrics and make the world sing along with them.

They influenced the world with original perspectives which the world needed to sing about, and dwell into. Nirvana sadly contradicted the essence of the name of their band and sang about depressive things in the world which unfortunately lead to the sad demise of Kurt Cobain. Well, you can always choose the genre of rock music depending on your mood.

Duran Duran ushered novelty in the Brit rock scene and paved a way for a blend of new wave, synth pop, and rock and harmonised intensity and rebellion of most of the American rock bands. You get a softer and symphonic genre of rock with Duran Duran, my personal and all time favourite, though there is always an endless favourite playlist in music, Duran Duran sings inside my soul. From Elvis Presley’s newfangled rock-n-roll to the sojourn of The Beatles and the new wave genre of Duran Duran, Brit rock evolved in styles, musical renditions, emotional expressionism, leaving behind the puritan era and breaking norms for better thoughts and emotional freedom.

These legends give you a reason to think and feel deeper emotions, and different perspectives through music. Ideologies which germinated through them and set a norm for eras to evolve and take a refuge in them.



Free-Spirited Individualism Of Alternative Rock And Sub-Genres

August 18, 2019
Vaishali Adwant

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What is your worldly view? 

Is the sin of being too real your sinew?

Alternative rock rings the bell of your soul?

You are so undone, 

Originality is the religion you dole?

Show your flaws without fear…

Is your inner self, you wish to hear?

Are you too solemn to want to be pretty? Seeking your higher self through the no-nonsense, no-bullshit persona within the music and lyrics of Alternative rock and sub-rock genres. Is your nirvana searching for a deeper meaning? Willing to swim across the tides of tricksters, beguilers, and dissemblers? Evolving from the poltergeist chains of grunge rock as a stereotypical teen to sublime emotions of the classic rock ballads. A musical genre, a lifeline your heart beats to, living under its belly vicariously, to germinate into an eternal free spirit.

As depressed as Kurt Cobian relating to Nirvana, backstroking through identity crisis as a teen and taking penance in rebel of Linkin Park, mellowness of Bryan Adams, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, through the discography of Lynard Sknyard, Pearl Jam, and the list goes on.

When Pink Floyd overthrows conventional education, The Beatles pave a way for eternity exploring thoughts and emotions, Def Leppard singing a motley of meaningful things in life we experience. There is always more to love than sweetness and beautiful feelings. Love is the toughest thing to deal with when its real, coz love lets you discover your inner daemons and gives you strength to fight them off, because you want to love to the highest purity, breaking away all the flakiness.

Unbound to the ways of the world, living by your imperfections, flaws, gumption, learning and unlearning, Alternative rock is a wide spectrum of thoughts and emotions in poetry and lyrics with upbeat music score that ignites the realm within you. Discover yourself over and again in the musical fete of rock genres with a bang that screams to say anything but unreal.

For those who dare to wear vulnerabilities on their sleeve, and get up and go with a vastness in your soul, because you know that being unbound is your journey through different dimensions. Beyond the veil of superstitions, false faith, conditioned notions, lays a realm, the penultimate opening up your inner self destroying misleading ideologies, coz everything in life is too real to experience and keep evolving.


The Spirit And Legend of Elvis Presley, His Iconic Style And Rock-N-Roll

May 6, 2019
Vaishali Adwant

Elvis Presley, the king of rock-n-roll, had developed a distinct musical style so uncanny, that it still has an impact on masses. Think of a retro or a rock-n-roll theme and the hairstyle or costume of Elvis Presley would come to your mind. Every rock star is endowed with a disturbed personal life, so did Elvis Presley. If you were meant to be an artist, your personal mayhem lets you soak yourself in the depths of your soul to create beauty through art, music, and all the creative fields. Elvis grew up in a broken home, that skewed his emotional well being. Gifted that he was, he got his musical talent from his mother, Gladys who was known to have musical and dancing skills.

You don’t always have to get talent from the genes. But, Elvis did, and sensationalised the rock-n-roll genre that is now synonymous to his very name.  Thinking of how talent in the current times is shallow, picking up personality traits from someone else to create a public image instead of developing something on their own, says a lot about how the essence of originality has gone a few notches down. In current times you have to prepare a personality for an artist and serve it to them, that’s the sad reality of reality shows, music, and all the jazz of showbiz works ( kyoun ki business to chalana hai bhaiyya, ethics, originality jaye bhaad mein). It has all the condiments to cook up personalities with almost no calibre and present them to the world.

In times like these, all that made Elvis Presley for what he is, is truly inspiring. If you listen to the discography of Elvis Presley, you can see that his style, musical arrangement, and singing is unrivalled in every aspect. A slow, romantic number, “can’t help falling in love,” is unlike any other romantic track. With a leisurely, uncomplicated musical instruments playing together, this is a track that never gets old. Looking at the distinct variety of tracks that Elvis Presley gave us in the rock-n-roll genre, it makes you wonder if today, artists have even an iota of dedication and passion like the legends of the yesteryear did.

Today’s music is hurried, like it wants to get instant fame and gratification using electronic gimmicks and call it a composition. There is no love for maths that blends with the art and science of music, that you see in most of the tracks of Elvis Presley and his contemporaries. Music is beautiful, when it sounds unhurried, like its taking its own course of time to evolve into something eternal and beautiful that stays in the heart of the people forever.

Elvis started exploring the music scene as young as a ten year old and participated in a contest at that age. He listened to many styles and especially, explored the rhythms and blues, which is a major influence on most of his tracks. He invested in developing a musical style as well as his appearance. He experimented with fashion as much and created a unique style that he employed through-out his career. His clothing had become as iconic as his hairstyle and music. This is what a true artist does. They develop themselves, not borrow traits from others and promote themselves as original using PR gimmicks.

If you are truly talented and have originality, you do not need a PR telling you what traits to show and what traits to develop. A gifted artist has their own thinking and it is original in every aspect. That is how legends are made. Elvis made bell-bottoms, and flared pants with chunky belts iconic to his style. A shy child as a kid, he brewed his own personality and taste creating a stupendous image of himself is role-played even today.

When you have passion, grit, hours of dedication to master your craft, you do not need a PR gimmick to develop a personality, like the humbugs do it today and only see business more than art. Elvis Presley knew what he loved and created a style for himself, his personality is from his own gumption, not borrowed from someone else. That is what makes him Elvis Presley who has given music our hearts and senses celebrate.

Elvis made movies, and acted in them, 33 of them. The hilarious bits are when you see the king of hoax, Andy Kaufman imitate him. Elvis composed musical tracks with various stories and themes, like the Dog’s life, Adam and Evil, and so forth. Elvis takes you to his laid-back era, where everything took time to create with beauty, thought, and soul. Those where the times when you see a man put his soul to work and create masterpieces, over and over. Those who we call old, are legends, and good at everything. Studying them we learn, the essence of life and all that makes creating so soulful and euphony personified.

Hariprasad Chaurasiya- World Music- Ushering Harmony

October 9, 2018
Vaishali Adwant

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasiya started his sojourn in music since the age of 15. The flute maestro breathes life into world music with the composition of flute and a mixed bag of digital and classical music. The mood his flute playing in the world music sets you in is, here and now, enjoying the serenity of the present, that the present wants to present to you. Romancing flute with tabla, and other stringed instruments, this discography is a blend of esoteric with an urban twist, for the new and the old, and the one that loves to celebrate life through music.

The sitar in the background bespeaks of the 80s puritanism in emotions that inspire music. Settling in the harmony of flute music based on Indian ragas and the background of world music symphony is what your soul might get nourishment from early morning. Flute ragas have a reason to be the early morning glory, because each day welcomes a new inspiration to be an extension of your better self beating the banality of existence per se. Indian ragas and western classic romantic music are a world apart like oil and water; but in the cosmos of music, this oil and water find an avenue to blend through symphonies and portmanteaus.

Celtic flute music is enamoring, and has a different beat. Celtic flute music usher you into a dream state of transcendence. Indian ragas in flute let you stay in the here and now of existentialism, for that is what we are here to be, to exist in harmony. When you listen to the bliss hidden inside the Indian ragas through the Maestros flute compositions, you are not thinking, you are sailing to a higher philosophy in your mind that disconnects inessential.

The land of Uttar Pradesh has some magic, legends are born in that sacred land and they give the world ecstatic music. Unhurried, at its own pace letting you know how life takes its own journey pace by pace. The music you listen to has a psychological effect, more of a ripple effect. Not that rock is a bad genre of music, its dynamic, that contrasts with the peaceful instrumental music. As much as the fiery rock music minus the negative lyrics (a lot of rock music has positive, meaningful lyrics too) has its own element, flute music sets a rhythm to the subconscious mind.

Early morning ragas are a melodic feat, a symphony from an eon older than the Earth. Exploring the mysticism of the aura these ragas beget, seeps a calm of the sacred mountains, dew of the leaves in lush jungles, and the salute to the morning sunrise that is a gift of every mortal. You know when that happens, and often, it opens avenues, new paths, asking you to explore them, seeking all that is unheard to unravel them.

Or maybe just enjoy the moment, if depth has still not touched your happy soul. When you are happy and content, its like you are not looking for new beginnings, and nobody can judge if that sort of limitation is intimidating. Nirvana is not the only key to bliss. When you live in the moment in peace, unruffled, its a higher state to ascent. World music with a magic of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurisiya ascends you to that higher realm.

Away from the cosmos of item numbers, EDMs, and commercial music, is this sacredness of this music of the mountains, river streams, and an admission into a natural world to a novel beat.


The Legendary Kishore Kumar had Trees as his Best Buddies

July 20, 2018
Vaishali Adwant

The humans of Bollywood and creative fields are a separate species altogether and function at diverse and complex emotional and mental levels than you can imagine. Loneliness is a creative paradox that every creative genius suffers from and Kishore Kumar was no different. With an extraordinary success as a celebrated musician, he was always a loner at heart coz nobody was capable of  understanding the depths of his tumultuous personal life that he told the journalist that his only best buddies are his trees.

A common heartache which most of the people in the industry share and yet swallow the pain despite its  being a common place reality that it is hard to find true friends in the industry. Which is such a painful reality to experience, given the fact that the industry binges on creativity, and expression, and to express yourself creatively only to be further misunderstood and get stashed in the web of desolation.

Kishore Kumar married 4 times, created evergreen dulcet music that you can never get bored of, that’s why its called evergreen. Nobody can bring quality and life into music that he did in most of his songs. This comic, eccentric legend for the rest of the world had sadness in his heart. Paranoid about not being paid, he also worked for free for Rajesh Khanna and Danny movies. He also sent money to the family of Bipin Gupta, actor-producer after his death. A host of eccentricities, made him a difficult person to deal with yet loved for his dedication and devotion for music. Who could guess what his heart was missing, not even the 4 women he married.

When you are born to create divine artwork through music and cinema, it unjust to judge a creative genius for his eccentricities and failed marriages. It takes a beautiful heart to create symphonic music that gave lyrics its life. People should stop matching personalities and behavioural traits to talent coz these two are separate things, and a hackneyed way to judge a person by what they see. Creativity is no science, creativity is divine with no structure and method. It takes a genius to dwell in randomness and put your heart on sleeves and be vulnerable knowing the ways of the world and still not lose your inner sanctum of following your divine path and true calling.

The discipline of creativity is an entire encyclopedia not for the logical mind, but for a heart that generates emotions so large than life in their intent, that the entire cosmos settles in them. It takes a genius to understand the bizarre, and the mist of obscure with clarity to create structured artwork through music and cinema.

P.S: People who are too sensible, you do not belong the creative field…..the blend of madness and creative genius is the prerogative of creatives.

Rock Versions of National Anthem For the Young and Dynamic India

June 5, 2018
Vaishali Adwant

National Anthem’s original tune and intent melts your heart, and evokes patriotism no matter in which part of the world you have settled. A.R Rahman came up with his version of Vande Mataram a few years back. The best part of the new era musicians is they explore and come up with tunes and compositions with oomph and dynamism. That is what the rock versions of National Anthem do to you, raise your energy and vibration, and beckon your attention into your very identity and the soil you were born into.

We yap about government and politics mindlessly, and pass away time, without giving a forethought about change starts with us, and our will to bring transformation within. The metal version of National Anthem is bombastic and deep. It connects you with a feeling of solidarity, and the fact that what we are regardless of the urbanisation is still not lost and retained ubiquitously as a reminder of times that people forgot.

Struggle and devotion were divine virtues that time of digital world has forgot. Rock and metal versions of National Anthem delineates a time and values through wonderful renditions and compositions that we still inherit the virtues of this land and through our arms open for a revolution that brings a better change in the very thought of the citizens to open up and explore and yet not forget who we are originally and where we belong.

We as a diverse culture bring variety and traditions in its utmost sweetness and welcome ethnicity from any dimension to expand our consciousness. We as a country are a mass of consciousness and not populace alone. When you hear the scared tunes of National Anthem in rock and metal versions, the folksy inside you aligns with the earnestness of what progress in thought and consciousness.

Enjoy this wonderful version of our National Anthem


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