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Music With A Purpose- binaural beats – healing, empowerment, happiness

May 10, 2020
Vaishali Adwant

Healing through music, healthy food, mindful living are a sine qua none of a good choices you make in life. Destressing through activities that put you back on the track pushes you forward to new horizons.

Happiness frequency
Feel good feeling pleasant. It’s not a difficult choice to make when you make a list of dreams to pursue and live through them every moment.

Dreams fulfillment is possible when you choose a medium to eliminate energy blocking and usher new energy each day creating wonderful moments for yourself and others.

Empower your subconscious mind

Mind is the most powerful tool when not trained well can get destructive. Your subconscious feels stronger having a better conviction without doubts as you practice meditation with binural beats.

Binural beats are frequency sounds, not necessarily musical but meditative. Their goal is to heal various areas of your mind, body, emotions, and soul. They sink deeper to unblock energies and welcome wisdom that puts you in a better dimension.

Instrumental, beta, theta waves your mind meditates upon healing the area of your life that you want to heal. Sound therapy for better sleep, thinking patterns, and more is your trusty sidekick.

Your mind learns to cut distraction, pain, and toxic elements and puts your thinking in a better mode. Experience REM sleep, relaxing your mind and body into deeper states of relaxation.

Comfortably sit or sleep, putting on your headphones and tuning into relaxing tones. On any given day, enhance your moods with this sound healing that alters the moods and thinking patterns of your mind giving it a better rythm.

10 Melifilous Tracks To Sooth Your Senses And Feel Bustling Energy During The Lockdown

March 30, 2020
Vaishali Adwant

Soothing music can put your fears down, make you feel hadppy, panic less, reduce cortisol-stress hormone, and have hope. Hum to this playlist, you can go over and over again like a good habit.

  1. Sick Puppies -All The Same

2. Kumbali Trance

3. Enya – May It Be

4. Ivan Torrent – Moonrise

5. T.R.A.P – Jo Bhejhi Thi Dua Mash Up

6. Kulashaker – Govinda

7. Robert Miles – Children

8. Nightwish – Elan

9. Moby – Lift Me Up

10. The Snake Charmer – Aasama Se

Doesn’t Bollywood Have Anything Else To Sing About Apart From Love Themes?

November 11, 2017
Vaishali Adwant

Isn’t Bollywood ever going to be tired of ‘love’ songs. Excuse moi? Isn’t there any other emotion to explore, such as, joy, nothingness, mischief, chaos, and everything in between. Either its romance or tragedy, and that is such a Borderline way to treat music. All or nothing! that ain’t what music is!!

Rock On made a nice attempt to sing about mundane things in life. But, that was a miss in a blink of the eye. Nobody even remembers “Pichle Saat Dino Mein”. Farhan tries to live the “I’m Cool” image through his movies, they do make you smile but aint for memories that movies like “Sound of Music” or “Beauty and the Beast.”

We love jugaad, we got no time for depth and deep feelings, because what are they anyway? They are the kind that today’s GenX likes to mock, because they don’t need it. They need popularity and likes on Social Media. What the hell are these deep feelings anyway?

But, Bollywood doesn’t want to give up with that bit, there is an avalanche of love songs…only…no new heights explored.



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