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The Legendary Kishore Kumar had Trees as his Best Buddies

July 20, 2018
Vaishali Adwant

The humans of Bollywood and creative fields are a separate species altogether and function at diverse and complex emotional and mental levels than you can imagine. Loneliness is a creative paradox that every creative genius suffers from and Kishore Kumar was no different. With an extraordinary success as a celebrated musician, he was always a loner at heart coz nobody was capable of  understanding the depths of his tumultuous personal life that he told the journalist that his only best buddies are his trees.

A common heartache which most of the people in the industry share and yet swallow the pain despite its  being a common place reality that it is hard to find true friends in the industry. Which is such a painful reality to experience, given the fact that the industry binges on creativity, and expression, and to express yourself creatively only to be further misunderstood and get stashed in the web of desolation.

Kishore Kumar married 4 times, created evergreen dulcet music that you can never get bored of, that’s why its called evergreen. Nobody can bring quality and life into music that he did in most of his songs. This comic, eccentric legend for the rest of the world had sadness in his heart. Paranoid about not being paid, he also worked for free for Rajesh Khanna and Danny movies. He also sent money to the family of Bipin Gupta, actor-producer after his death. A host of eccentricities, made him a difficult person to deal with yet loved for his dedication and devotion for music. Who could guess what his heart was missing, not even the 4 women he married.

When you are born to create divine artwork through music and cinema, it unjust to judge a creative genius for his eccentricities and failed marriages. It takes a beautiful heart to create symphonic music that gave lyrics its life. People should stop matching personalities and behavioural traits to talent coz these two are separate things, and a hackneyed way to judge a person by what they see. Creativity is no science, creativity is divine with no structure and method. It takes a genius to dwell in randomness and put your heart on sleeves and be vulnerable knowing the ways of the world and still not lose your inner sanctum of following your divine path and true calling.

The discipline of creativity is an entire encyclopedia not for the logical mind, but for a heart that generates emotions so large than life in their intent, that the entire cosmos settles in them. It takes a genius to understand the bizarre, and the mist of obscure with clarity to create structured artwork through music and cinema.

P.S: People who are too sensible, you do not belong the creative field…..the blend of madness and creative genius is the prerogative of creatives.

Bollywood Music- A Distinct Musical Genre

May 28, 2018
Vaishali Adwant

Most of the Bollywood music over decades sums up to love songs and sad songs with a dash of Indian classical meets urban background score. Bollywood music is distinct and has a unique tonality. A cult in itself Bollywood still needs to explore vast music genres and go beyond love and sad themes, minus the sing-dance songs. What Bollywood has given its audience is a motley of various music genres, yet remains in its nascent stage. Lyrical and poetic in nature, Bollywood lyrics are poetry in motion, sometime deep, sometimes skimming on the surface.

Talking of music of the Hindi cinema, classics were composed without a lot of background score. There was more singing and less of noise. The mainstream music genre that appeals to masses in India has a cusp of qawwalis,pop, disco, folk, and ghazals. Bollywood music relies heavily on poetry.

Lovingly called PanchamDa, R.D Burman composed evergreen retro hits wanting to make you live through that era over and over again. His songs had spunk of the 60’s and 70’s and the element of joy and happiness. The romantic and dance numbers had an urban twist for retro songs pictured in simpatico settings. Using, most of the musical instruments of the Indian origin, he created magic in the retro Bollywood music.

Lakshmikant-Pyarelal duo composed Bollywood music using folk and rock and roll style of composition. Using a mix of western and Indian instruments, they created melodies that can never get old or outdated. One of the distinct styles of the duo was to combine Indian and western stringed instruments and create original melodies in singing and dance sequences. Not as celebrated as other legendary composers, Bollywood songs composed by the legendary duo rocked the 70’s and 80’s era through the 90’s era. Could you ever get bored of Jumma Chumma from Hum movie composed by the duo? Most of the songs played in the popular radio program of the yesteryears- Binaca Geet Mala played most of the songs of this legendary duo.

Bappi Da brought disco to India and reigned in this genre creating a portmanteau of Bollywood meets disco. You can still have some fun listening to his compositions starring Mithun Da and Anil Kapoor. If you are a millennial and still live in the 90’s, most of the songs that remind you of your days of yonder were composed with a western style by Jatin-Lalit, Annu Mallick, and Nadeem-Shravan.

You can learn Indian classical as a distinctive musical genre, but you cannot specifically learn Bollywood style of singing unless and until you have a base of Indian classical music. A.R Rahman has not composed a lot of Bollywood songs, but the niche that he has created has a signature style of his composition. He is a music director, a true legend, who goes beyond Bollywood music, and explores various genres, to create melodies and symphonies that are magic to the ears.

Pritam, Vishal-Shekar duo, Salim-Suleman duo ushered the 21st century of Bollywood music that has been a cusp of EDM, house and pop music. Today what you hear is not the authentic Bollywood music that the legends of the yesteryear’s had created. The compositions today in Bollywood are assorted genres, and lack purity. They sound mellifluous, but lack the purity is apparent compared to the authenticity of music in the 60’s and the 70’s Bollywood music. That was the era of awakening. Music all over the world was awakened taking you to different realms, and so did Bollywood create its mark in music with these celebrated musicians.

Musicians are too limited in exploring musical genres and stay limited to boundaries of safety net that brings them commercial success. There should be no guilt attached to making music commercially viable. But then again, lack of experimentation in music and lyrics in Bollywood is an epidemic without a cure yet.

The only hope remains is with the musicians and composers of the new wave and new generation who I hope still give regard and pay respect to the classics and do not forget to explore.



Funny Bollywood Songs That Break Convention of Love Songs

February 11, 2018
Vaishali Adwant


Bollywood Comedy songs that give you a break from gushy love and sad Bollywood songs. Not your party music, but enjoyable and quirky. Breaking away from the conventional composition and humdrum, these songs beat a different drum. With lyrics that make you grin if not rib-tickle, these are the kind of songs that can never drip your take on entertainment.

When the Thailava of Bollywood sings a quirky song that diverts from the typical tear-jerking romantic songs he does, this man Shah Rukh Khan, can pull a Lungi Dance like no other along with Yo Yo Honey Singh


A unique song, something that only Govinda can pull off. Devang Patel, the comedy musician and singer who has delivered rib tickling witty songs, has given Bollywood very few but funny numbers. You cannot stop laughing or grinning listening to the bindaas and eccentric nature of this song.

Well, this is song is lip synching to its own original tune with the witty parody in the background. Not your run-of-the-mill cheesy Sahil Jamdar kind of spoofy songs. Yeah parody mein toh hasi ki goli hai.


Yet another Devang Patel and Govinda number from Bollywood with witty lyrics and choreography. These are the only well made comedy songs that are evergreen. Could they ever bore you? I don’t think so. When a composition is made with madness and laughter it rarely fails.

The iconic dance steps and choreography are a sone pe suhaga of this song. An ideal song for Bollywood GIFs cannot fail in its entertainment quotient. Expressions that deserve a separate category in film awards, even Ranveer Singh cannot pull off a Govinda in his atypical style. If you need mindless entertainment, this is something that you must look into.

Can your belly digest this song? even if you are from the sanskaari branded brand? I do think so. Aamir Khan has something uncanny and archetype to offer. Diverting completely from what he usually does, this song has a different beat and make offending you musical and fun. Songs like these, you only laugh them off. hehehahaha

The Original Voice of Bappi Da Lahari and All Things Funny

February 7, 2018
Vaishali Adwant


Bappi Lahri, who is the bhanja of the legendary Kishore Kumar has an uncanny original voice. With a world record of recording 180 songs, this is the man with a golden voice and accessories. The musician who had created Disco with Mithun Da and got MJ to India. So nice, like Kuman Sanu he does not copy Kishore Da though he is so bloodly related to the Legendary Kishore Da.

Coming from a family of singers, he has introduced Bollywood to the sound of ‘Disco.’ The jodi of Mithun Da and Bappi Da is everlasting you will not khisko during the disco.

Tamma Tamma- Original version is so mindblowing!! but then again… Yeah tamma tamma kya hai? yeah tamma tamma? Hello anybody? what does tamma tamma mean?

Tamma tamma doesnt mean anything( I did a google search just to know). sooo expected…but that is Bollywood…you should never ever try to find a meaning.

Bollywood ko samajh ne ka galati se mistake nahi karne ka…Dimag ko side me rakhne ka..aur yenjoy karne ka…

Anil Kapoor iconic dancing style adds to the zing of the Bappi Da song. Simple tune, and pure entertainment, watchable even today. With these head gears and lighting wale kapde..Diwali yaad rahi…if you were all this and rome, but who dares wear such gabs, iconic of that era, but so dead wrong, yet so enjoyable and amusing.

Disco Dance- Look at that headgear..could you ever make something like that and shine in the glory…Every piece of this song is a marvel. There can be no other disco dancer like what Bappi Da and Mithun Da made. If I feel sad, I can simply wear this headgear and laugh at myself…this song has all elements of offbeat comedy and music put together, making it paisa vasool entertainment even today. What a rabchik jodi this is na…arre wah wah wah, arre wah wah wah..

Excuse me, bandage lagake gana nahi gaate kya? If this act had been put in todays age, this madness would cross all the boundries of dramas of what even a saas bahu serials have to offer. Wounds clean karke gana gaao miya,

Some pelted stones in this song, or was that before…so? use dettol bandage and sing na re….

Tennu Le

This song could do without the Engleesh lyrics…kahe ko angreezi thoos thoos ke barte hai gaane me…when it can do without it…but, this song is nice, na…whaaat say…




The Most Melodious Besura Retro Song by Hassan Jahangir-

February 6, 2018
Vaishali Adwant


Hawa Hawa…If you plan to give an encore singing this song, make sure, you practice the melodious besura sur, that makes everything about this song a paradox to croon about. Seriously, can you ever get bored of this song ever? I don’t sing so.

Mika cocktail version is good enough, par original is original, boss!!


Ye lo, Mika wala version


Govinda- The Original Dhinchak King of Bollywood

February 6, 2018
Vaishali Adwant


Bollywood likes dhinhak! period. That is the USP of Bollywood! and only we desi people understand the significance of dhinchak entertainment that makes Bollywood stand for what it is, and so is the music. If you are the one looking for serious, heavy-duty stuff, most parts of the Bollywood ain’t for you!! Nobody understands ‘mass appeal’ better than Bollywood does.

Govinda has given the paisa-vasool song and dance sequences that will keep you entertained no matter what era you belong to. With thumkas and jhatkas better than twerking of Miley Cyrus, Govinda entertainment is evergreen and there is no match for that.

Virar ka chokra has brought to you offbeat entertainment. Nobody can do it like Govinda does. His style is uncanny. There can be no other Govinda.


Taher the Purple Angel- The Baap of Prozac and World Peace

November 18, 2017
Vaishali Adwant

Looking for peace and harmony? Don’t listen to Buddha Bar or World Music, listen to the purple angel who is the harbinger of peace to make it look farcical(ooopsie, did I just say farcical?). Sadhguru can never explain to you the real meaning of life like our endearing Purple Angel does. He is so proud of his prowess that he also revealed the top secret of who designed his costumes.

and that is none other than he himself!!!!He is keeping it a secret where this horrendous inspiration to design that blinding velvet garb came from!It’s okay, we don’t need to know, we know enough already because it is shoved down our throat in the name of is angelic music. How undelightful!

Mother Teressa did not bring peace people, Taher the Purple Angel did it, Children, oh, nobles!!Please correct your history. Taher looks like a pregnant angel in those carpets and tents he robed in, he calls designs.

This will be a good song to subscribe to if you need a course in anger management. No, no, no, you don’t need counseling, you need items like the Purple Angel and his music, to put u in a cockeyed mood. It’s innovative how someone’s absurdity can actually cure your anger trips.

This man is a baap of Prozac, who needs them pills when this purple tonic sways around in his panache. When you see someone who is delusional, it pretty much cures your idea of reality. People like Purple Angels are the living tonics who are so schizo, they make everything else look normal.

Also, one top secret, I will reveal here, that lady in the white robe and a painted masquerade impregnated him. Since he is an angel with a possibility of reversal. May God be with this sweet child, looking for soooo much love that it can only make you go…..hahahahahaha!!!

When shit hits the fan, you get Purple Angels.

Baba Shegal + Dhinchak Pooja = Limitness Retardation and more Excellent Info

November 18, 2017
Vaishali Adwant

Baba Sehgal is the only singer who is suitable to collaborate with Dhinkhak Pooja because their retardation is compatible. Once upon a time a rap singer, has lost his moxie and is creating songs like he is dope on Xanax. The man needs Xanax to calm that rapping dysentery. The unstoppable lampoons of the music industry, whose singing makes you cringe and enjoy silence instead.

Baba and Dhinchak make you fall in love with solitude. Because that is what you will need after listening to them singing…oh…do you even call that singing? Mouthing dowdy lyrics with some background music. They are plain noisy people using music as an excuse to kill their boredom. They wouldn’t even get trained in vocals even if it was provided for free.

This is one fake Baba of Music Industry who has gone ahead and ripped Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You. The boy has some guts to do that and think he will be liked. He hired 10-year old visual artists to do visuals of the rip-off of Shape of You. He spews negativity through his rapping diarrhea. Excuse me? Is your mouth gassing or is that really a song?

Somebody, pls do some charity and teach them a bit or two of tunes. If you want to know what evolution looks like in its reverse, listen to these two..Cringe worthy- un-artists and just do the Boo-hoo!!!These are the un-finest examples of limitless retardation.


Why Nobody Sings K.L Saigal-(The King of Cringe Pop) Songs in Reality Shows

November 11, 2017
Vaishali Adwant

Funny as it may seem, nobody ever chooses to sing K.L Saigal songs in any of the music reality shows. This legend has been a pioneer in earning the title of Superstar. It’s easy to be  superstar when there is no competition. Well, that might just be the case with this legend who got lucky. If you listen to his songs today, you would rather listen to Dhinchak Pooja. This man, the legend is the King of Cringe Pop from the yesteryears.

If you have nothing better to do on a weekend, and want to have a good laugh, watch some K.L Saigal and troll. Sad, that nobody even cares to sing any of his songs anymore. Any cringe worthy fans here? Hello Hello?

Oh Duniya Ke Rakhwale, Aise Logon Ko Kyoun Banaya?

Bollywood Musicals- A Genre to Explore

November 11, 2017
Vaishali Adwant

Rom coms are passe. Indian audience needs more than corny love stories with tidbits of humor thrown in. There is more to fiction and drama than boy meets girl stories. Musicals are melody etched in stories through the journey of joy, happiness, redemption, melancholy, and motley of emotions. When words fall short, music does it for you, and words are not even needed, moments are created with depth that only soul understands. That is what a musical should do to you. Like Khamoshi and Aashiqui, there are only a handful of Bollywood musicals that have created magic through its stories harmonized in music.

Less than 10 Musicals in the History of Bollywood, unimpressive and ironic, given the fact that ever genre of Bollywood movies have mindless singing and dancing without the intent of making them musicals to the core. Musicals have a beautiful story that make depict emotions like poetry.



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