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Andre Bocelli And The Melodic Fete Of Pop Opera

February 1, 2021
Vaishali Adwant

Italian romance and the dulcet music of Andre Bocelli gives you a tear of joy and sail through moments with symphony of Andre Bocelli’s opera. Your favorite playlist in opera style is an intelligent and endearing portmanteau of commercial music and artistic opera. His style is dulcet and soulful. Elvis Prestly, Celion Dion, Ed Sheeran and many more symphonic duets elate your senses. An evening in the backdrop of romantic evenings when the dusk and twilight begins to dance in the sky to the sound and rythm of the pop opera singer.

Blinded at the age of 12, his passion for music and dulcet singing only grew into finest renditions that touches our soul. Ave Maria, Amazing Grace, Italian songs, has its place in our hearts filling it with hope, love, and beauty. Dramatic, melodious, and symphonic to create a story of emotions stirred as you listen and get engrossed.

The Spirit And Legend of Elvis Presley, His Iconic Style And Rock-N-Roll

May 6, 2019
Vaishali Adwant

Elvis Presley
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Elvis Presley, the king of rock-n-roll, had developed a distinct musical style so uncanny, that it still has an impact on masses. Think of a retro or a rock-n-roll theme and the hairstyle or costume of Elvis Presley would come to your mind. Every rock star is endowed with a disturbed personal life, so did Elvis Presley. If you were meant to be an artist, your personal mayhem lets you soak yourself in the depths of your soul to create beauty through art, music, and all the creative fields. Elvis grew up in a broken home, that skewed his emotional well being. Gifted that he was, he got his musical talent from his mother, Gladys who was known to have musical and dancing skills. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Elvis Presley – The Rock-n-Roll Legend

You don’t always have to get talent from the genes. But, Elvis did, and sensationalised the rock-n-roll genre that is now synonymous to his very name.  Thinking of how talent in the current times is shallow, picking up personality traits from someone else to create a public image instead of developing something on their own, says a lot about how the essence of originality has gone a few notches down. In current times you have to prepare a personality for an artist and serve it to them, that’s the sad reality of reality shows, music, and all the jazz of showbiz works ( kyoun ki business to chalana hai bhaiyya, ethics, originality jaye bhaad mein). It has all the condiments to cook up personalities with almost no calibre and present them to the world.

Iconic Style Of Elvis Presley

In times like these, all that made Elvis Presley for what he is, is truly inspiring. If you listen to the discography of Elvis Presley, you can see that his style, musical arrangement, and singing is unrivalled in every aspect. A slow, romantic number, “can’t help falling in love,” is unlike any other romantic track. With a leisurely, uncomplicated musical instruments playing together, this is a track that never gets old. Looking at the distinct variety of tracks that Elvis Presley gave us in the rock-n-roll genre, it makes you wonder if today, artists have even an iota of dedication and passion like the legends of the yesteryear did.

Today’s music is hurried, like it wants to get instant fame and gratification using electronic gimmicks and call it a composition. There is no love for maths that blends with the art and science of music, that you see in most of the tracks of Elvis Presley and his contemporaries. Music is beautiful, when it sounds unhurried, like its taking its own course of time to evolve into something eternal and beautiful that stays in the heart of the people forever.

Elvis Presley Musical Styles

Elvis started exploring the music scene as young as a ten year old and participated in a contest at that age. He listened to many styles and especially, explored the rhythms and blues, which is a major influence on most of his tracks. He invested in developing a musical style as well as his appearance. He experimented with fashion as much and created a unique style that he employed through-out his career. His clothing had become as iconic as his hairstyle and music. This is what a true artist does. They develop themselves, not borrow traits from others and promote themselves as original using PR gimmicks.

If you are truly talented and have originality, you do not need a PR telling you what traits to show and what traits to develop. A gifted artist has their own thinking and it is original in every aspect. That is how legends are made. Elvis made bell-bottoms, and flared pants with chunky belts iconic to his style. A shy child as a kid, he brewed his own personality and taste creating a stupendous image of himself is role-played even today.

When you have passion, grit, hours of dedication to master your craft, you do not need a PR gimmick to develop a personality, like the humbugs do it today and only see business more than art. Elvis Presley knew what he loved and created a style for himself, his personality is from his own gumption, not borrowed from someone else. That is what makes him Elvis Presley who has given music our hearts and senses celebrate.

Elvis made movies, and acted in them, 33 of them. The hilarious bits are when you see the king of hoax, Andy Kaufman imitate him. Elvis composed musical tracks with various stories and themes, like the Dog’s life, Adam and Evil, and so forth. Elvis takes you to his laid-back era, where everything took time to create with beauty, thought, and soul. Those where the times when you see a man put his soul to work and create masterpieces, over and over. Those who we call old, are legends, and good at everything. Studying them we learn, the essence of life and all that makes creating so soulful and euphony personified.

Hariprasad Chaurasiya- World Music- Ushering Harmony

October 9, 2018
Vaishali Adwant

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasiya started his sojourn in music since the age of 15. The flute maestro breathes life into world music with the composition of flute and a mixed bag of digital and classical music. The mood his flute playing in the world music sets you in is, here and now, enjoying the serenity of the present, that the present wants to present to you. Romancing flute with tabla, and other stringed instruments, this discography is a blend of esoteric with an urban twist, for the new and the old, and the one that loves to celebrate life through music.

The sitar in the background bespeaks of the 80s puritanism in emotions that inspire music. Settling in the harmony of flute music based on Indian ragas and the background of world music symphony is what your soul might get nourishment from early morning. Flute ragas have a reason to be the early morning glory, because each day welcomes a new inspiration to be an extension of your better self beating the banality of existence per se. Indian ragas and western classic romantic music are a world apart like oil and water; but in the cosmos of music, this oil and water find an avenue to blend through symphonies and portmanteaus.

Celtic flute music is enamoring, and has a different beat. Celtic flute music usher you into a dream state of transcendence. Indian ragas in flute let you stay in the here and now of existentialism, for that is what we are here to be, to exist in harmony. When you listen to the bliss hidden inside the Indian ragas through the Maestros flute compositions, you are not thinking, you are sailing to a higher philosophy in your mind that disconnects inessential.

The land of Uttar Pradesh has some magic, legends are born in that sacred land and they give the world ecstatic music. Unhurried, at its own pace letting you know how life takes its own journey pace by pace. The music you listen to has a psychological effect, more of a ripple effect. Not that rock is a bad genre of music, its dynamic, that contrasts with the peaceful instrumental music. As much as the fiery rock music minus the negative lyrics (a lot of rock music has positive, meaningful lyrics too) has its own element, flute music sets a rhythm to the subconscious mind.

Early morning ragas are a melodic feat, a symphony from an eon older than the Earth. Exploring the mysticism of the aura these ragas beget, seeps a calm of the sacred mountains, dew of the leaves in lush jungles, and the salute to the morning sunrise that is a gift of every mortal. You know when that happens, and often, it opens avenues, new paths, asking you to explore them, seeking all that is unheard to unravel them.

Or maybe just enjoy the moment, if depth has still not touched your happy soul. When you are happy and content, its like you are not looking for new beginnings, and nobody can judge if that sort of limitation is intimidating. Nirvana is not the only key to bliss. When you live in the moment in peace, unruffled, its a higher state to ascent. World music with a magic of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurisiya ascends you to that higher realm.

Away from the cosmos of item numbers, EDMs, and commercial music, is this sacredness of this music of the mountains, river streams, and an admission into a natural world to a novel beat.


India Needs More Creativity in the Orchestral Music Genre

June 1, 2018
Vaishali Adwant

The symphony of orchestral and chamber music in India is at an incipient stage. Musicians are so ga-ga about going mainstream, overtone of this genre is blissfully  brushed aside, only making episodic appearance. Orchestral music is a genre so vast, you could spend a lifetime exploring and innovate music never heard before. Chamber and instrumental music is epic and a platform for innovation to create symphony so dulcet, it would take the listener to higher realms.

Chamber and instrumental music is purity in the art of making music and composition. A true musician at heart will wilfully attempt symphonies, even if not bitten by the classics of Beethoven, Maurice Ravel, and the ilk of the classic romantic era of music where renaissance in art and music was limitless and had no commercial bearing.

This is the music that time forgot amidst synthesizers and auto-tuners. Chamber and instrumental symphonies show the love of the musician for its art at its heart. You do not need an opera setting, only talented musicians who like to explore and not stick to the commercial nitty-grittes alone.

On any given day, classics of Mozart, Beethoven, Maurice, and many other classic Italian composers of the romantic era introduce you to finer world than what the sorry likes of Bollywood item numbers did to the very essence of music. “Munni Baadnam Hui” and the grade of such songs are not music, but an ugly trace of the sorry state of commercial music.

Apart from individual bands, musicians have stopped exploring music, running behind record labels, selling their talent and their soul in the name of commercial music, and lost their art amidst the rigmarole. Chamber music is not as celebrated as commercial music but deserves its place in the heart of music. If only this genre is explored, the world will have a new wave of compositions and something new to hear.

The drama of emotions through the overtures and symphonies that only orchestral music can create. enjoy the fantasy epic orchestral piece.

Beethoven Created Immortal Harmony Through Disturbed Isolation

February 17, 2018
Vaishali Adwant

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True artists who live their passion are be-quested with melancholy and deep disturbances that they conceal through their gifted art. The immortal of Vienna, Ludwig Van Beethoven had an abusive father who introduced him to playing music. Living through intense paradoxes, spiraling through poignant experiences, Beethoven created symphonies that are immortal.  Like most of the musicians who preceded him, Beethoven made music for the love of it and not to please Kings and their courteous. Abuse and a bad personal life is a bane of every artist and musician. To explore the depths of despair and emotion construct, chaos puts artists through phases of isolation, and through deep suffering, a nous arises into symphonies that are still a celebration to our ears.

If you understand tablatures, you can go through the complexities of the musical notes only to be in awe of this immortal composer and musician who created elaborate romantic and classic music during the Renaissance era.

Know for his complex structure of music that only created melody, Symphonies of Beethoven are a musical anthem even today. A music that hid his pain and agony only to compose maiden symphonies that are etched forever in the timelessness of time.

Symphony no 5 and 9 are the most celebrated pieces of his divine composition that can set an emotional template creating a theme for an opera. Beethoven was not a people pleaser and did not create music to gain popularity. It awful how passion for art and music has become so deeply commercialized, the art per-se has lost its essence that lies in passion.

Beethoven’s symphonies are reminders of the time that people forgot. A time where learning and creativity was an immortal act. A time when people drew inspiration from within and created masterpieces. That time is lost, and only a few those who get it right are ripped apart with ruthlessness like is the case that happens to a true artist.

Enjoy Beethoven’s Silence


Beethoven’s Ode to Joy

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