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The Underground Rock Scene of the 80s and the 90s

August 14, 2021
Vaishali Adwant

Two extremes in the rock genre began in the 80’s following the 90’s rock scene until pop genre ruled the charts with Britney Spears, Christina Auguliera, and Robin Williams, and the ilk. The freedom of expression through the rock music genre saw its way beyond the forbidden, singing about obnoxious fantasies, dark themes, and sadness. Nirvana makes Kurt Cobain the most celebrated discography of depression, Lithium, and all everything that is wrong in the world only to make you think and ponder why were these Punk grunge, and rock artists even famous when their compositions sounded amateurish with guitar and synth in the background. You could come up with a tune sound much better than Cobian or Bowie. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

My blog is scared to me as is music, art, and creativity. Therefore, I am going to flag the gory truths of what influenced the underground ’80s and ’90s rock scene which was majorly influenced by occultists. When you go down in the history and dig deeper, you will only find darkness in the name of ’80s underground rock, punk, and grunge music.

It makes you wonder if The Beatles, especially their lead vocalist, John Lennon was making a facade of spirituality turning back to his addiction and violence which defy the essence of spirituality. At least, his lyrics were not as blashphemous as other grunge and punk artists who glorified darkness and misanthropy. That is nothing to sing and dance about, when your lyrics describe hideous and darkness that does not take the human race to a higher realm, you probably need to question your choices, what you are listening to.

The ’80s accepted novelty in any form ushered from the conservative and retro ’70s era. Masses were not spiritually aware and made a god of Kurt Cobian who was influenced by an occultist. Unlike today where most can tell good from evil, the ’80s underground scene was a motley of experiments with faith, beliefs, ideologies, and music.

Today you might not want to sit through a few seconds of the ’80s punk and grunge rock music that had nothing motivational to give to the world through music. The iconic David Bowie was a known occultist whose music and lyrics of a few tracks could make you wonder how was he accepted as an influential music icon. The underground scene of rock was sacrilegious, distasteful making you wonder why was angst, pain, and immorality a music genre. It’s not music anymore, it’s a siren song, nothing good for your ears, mind, heart, and the soul. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Punk, Hard Rock, And Metalcore

Hard rock and metal entered the scene with electric guitars, high octane compositions making rock ballads and rock and roll take a back seat. The lyrics got caustic, deriding ideologies that didn’t ring a bell with the artists. Unlike The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and the ilk, they didn’t have optimism and hope to offer to the world creating a whirlpool of Prozac-nation of those who binged on depression. Nirvana’s lead vocalist Kurt Cobian had a tragic death, but unlike John Lennon, he was not a spiritual artist who wanted peace in the world. His music and lyrics spewed misanthropy, which makes me wonder why was he an influential icon in the grunge scene. Wouldn’t you want to tell the world to love each other and be compassionate through music? Cobain’s ideologies were rather screwed and twisted for an artist and a musician.

The typical punk sub genres were particularly disturbing without a rhyme or meaning you couldn’t resonate with in your day-to-day life or even give it a thought. They didn’t make you think because their intent was to rebel fundamental human values for artistic expression or glorify darkness of the other worlds that defy spiritual faith. Would you still listen to proto-glam-Oi! Punk? I don’t think so! The art and music genre died its natural death opening avenues to newer rock, punk, and metal portmanteaus like U2, Metallica, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns And Roses, while still celebrating The Rolling Stones, The Smiths, and more.

What is saddening to see is the treatment of music in the ’80s rock and roll scene that seems to have influences from Occultists of that time. ‘ Doing as you please’ was a new thought in the ’80s that was urshered into the ’80s after a conservative ’60s and ’70s that was afraid to adopt novel ideologies and lacked spiritual awareness like we do today to tell good from evil.

It was the age of experiment with music, ideologies, and masses accepted anything that seemed ‘cool’ and ‘unheard of’ without a conscious evaluation. Today you cannot sit through for a few seconds through most of the punk and grunge bands that sang blasphemy making a mockery or deriding spiritual faith. The lyrics stonewalled the existence of virtues and higher ideals, which is just sad for the artists as well as those who seem to love the noise and give it a name of punk and hard rock.

Evolution Of Underground ’80s Rock Sub Cultures

The underground rock scene evolved from the cult punk rock to hard and metalcore. The Blink182, Audioslave, Breaking Benjamin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc sang about the effect of expectations, dysfunctional and broken families, and love themes that were more realistic than romaticized. The pop and synth punk was bearable without the noisy compositions and the profane lyrics. The punk scene of the ’80s pretty much celebrated profanity making you worry about the taste in music and its effect on your psyche.

With pop punk and synth portmanteaus, the profanity was toned down in this genre esthetic. Melodic death metal and the reign of Swedish rock metal bands mixed growling, dark lyrics, with symphonies. Good to the ears, but not to the soul if you care what they are singing about.

It’s sad to see how creative arts like film making, music, or any form of visual arts are used to depict morbid theories and ideologies that defy sacredness and spirituality in the name of art just because art is a discipline that lets you express yourself without bias or restriction; and these are the moribund artists who have abused the essence of art as a platform to invite deviousness in a realm that celebrates love, compassion, joy, togetherness, and oneness of the universe.

As a young adult or teen you wouldn’t be able to see the repurcurssions of this gory music, but I think the underground rock scene of ’80s messed up too many younger minds introducing their impressionable minds to ghoulish ideologies. You do not want to be a messed up teen growing into an adult with skewed ideologies that stop you from seeing the beauty of life and the purpose of mankind. The cult that started in the ’80s is a testimony of making a conscious choice of the kind of music you listen to because it affects your subconscious mind. So, make a good choice that brings good feelings, hope, encouragement, and optimism.

Alternative Rock And Metal From The ’90s

You could say the ’80s was a dark era influenced not by spirituality but darkness and was transforming for good entering the ’90s where the pop genre rules and alternative rock and metal bands brought a sense of freshness expressing myraid emotions through music breaking the conventions of how music was made and composed.

Bush, Chumbawamba, Duran Duran, Coldplay, Vertical Horizon, Oasis, Red Hot Chillie Peppers, Goo Goo Dolls, Snowpatrol, and many more. The American rock bands had more negativity and pessimism which completely defied the ideologies and music of Brit Rock bands like Travis, Suede, Maniac Street Preachers, etc. Rock music has evolved since the ’80s and is no more about Satanic ideologies and celebrates individualism and free-spirited gumption.

Shower Yourself Some Pixie Dust With The Magical Brit Rock-Pop Bands

September 7, 2019
Vaishali Adwant

Pride Of Manchester - The Top 100 Manchester Bands

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Could Hurt And Pain Truly Stunt You?

Have Defamation And Failures Been The Bolt From The Blue?

Would You Open Up Your Soul To Explore The New?

Again Feel Fresh As a Dew?

Pour Some Pixie Dust On You…and Binge on To Brit Rock Melodies To Eternity…

Transitioning through the slim veil of emotional defence to emotional freedom, everything inside you is changing with a rhythm of Keanes’ Everybody’ Changing, not necessarily a heartbreak, or hurt painful enough to stunt you, but pain, hurtful enough to make you evolve, love yourself not out of motive but wanting to experience life because you have been showed with the pixie dust of Brit Rock bands reminding you the meaning of love, material, spirituality, relations, through the song and lyrics of The Beatles, Keane, Love Bites and Hysteria of Def Leppard, or maybe if you are musically living your daemons singing Ozzy Ozbourne, the choice is yours, or may be climb up the wonder-wall of Oasis. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Transcendental Alternative Rock

Feel the universe within with Kulashaker’s Govinda, or sing to eternity humming the discography of The Rolling Stones. If love for material is all left in you, let music remind you the priceless side to life Brit Rock bands make you fathom with music tapes-tried with lyrics. Turn on the playlist like a good habit, listening to the motley gumption from Travis celebrating with Sing, knowing Love Will Come Through, and feel Undone With Duran Duran when your heart wants to be nothing but the melodist composing your own tune and rhythm of life.

Ideologies, Alternative Rock Bands, Brit Rock

Love, lost in the contest of life, lost and found in music, art, and finer artefacts, we have forgotten we need love, because we are not mortal machines covered with lacy doily, saying the world all is pretty carrying a heart turned stone-cold and frozen. Let music melt you, make you shed some tears of joy without relevance or meaning…coz just being is priceless.

You do have a new place to go in your wandering mind and soul, endlessly searching for new avenues, older paths revisited with newer thoughts and emotions, and gumption where the past does not want to look dreary, not shed a tear of regret because music and art sojourns you through time back and forth, and makes everything magical.

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