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Music For The Starry Nights

May 6, 2020
Vaishali Adwant

Today I found the missing link for the ‘Starry Nights’ in the most dramatic fashion. Like a fairy feather sailing swiftly through the rocky boulevards, dark fantasy nights, piercing thunderstorms, without changing its pace or rhythm ushered into the bliss of a new light. Beyond the rave parties of Parvathi Valley and Kasol, lies a macrocosm, uncategorized, undefined, and unified through music.Music traverses you between different worlds and bridges everything in the cosmos with a rhythm and a beat. Within the beats of the fantasy music is a story of how your emotions raise their bar experiencing the better of everything. Music from the mystical lands where fairies and angels exist, and all things softer and dulcet, with a spirit of wilderness and poetic mind, gliding through the empire of angels, above and beyond all realms, is a fete for the soul.Talking of classical poetry of Yeats, Tennyson, and the celebrated ilk, they gave a rythm and music to thoughts, facts, history, philosophy, and more. They told the world in verses musical, how the human evolved, how emotions felt in myriad stages and moments.Coming to a standstill, watching meteor shower and starry nights, the cosmos is beckoning us to a new wave of thought, a food for gumption, symphonies your hearts yearning to sing, and get back to the basics.Love so tender and sweet, sewn through the tapestry of melodic verses, reminding time and again , we are hear to love and live with compassion. Not a ideal world yet, but the moments spent looking at the dreamy universe above us, are moments of beautiful surpless emotions, unhinging your soul into boundlessness.

Ghazals that Time Can Never Forgot

February 4, 2018
Vaishali Adwant

I grew up listening to Ghazals of Mehdi Hassan, Gulam Ali, Attaula Khan, and the ilk. Music has been the core of my life since I was a kid. I sang Geeta Dutt’s songs in my classroom to the surprise of my teachers as to how a 2 -grader back then is crooning on old melodies. But, I have always been an old soul. Loved black and white films, songs, and the retro era where music was recorded without the auto-tuner and people knew their passion and spent lives around it.

It’s hard to find the Ghazal singer in the digital age who would match the euphony of what the Ghazal singers brought to this world. Meaningful poetry and thoughts in motion. Mehdi Hassan’s Ranashi Sahi has a harmonizing effect even today, no matter who sings it in tune. If you talk of lasting music, Ghazals of Gulam Ali, Mehdi Hassan, and the legendary ilk can connect you to a soulful music even today.

Here is the modern version of Mehdi Hassan’s Ranashi Sahi


Digital Version of Chupke Chupke Raat Din by Gulam Ali


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