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Andre Bocelli And The Melodic Fete Of Pop Opera

February 1, 2021
Vaishali Adwant

Italian romance and the dulcet music of Andre Bocelli gives you a tear of joy and sail through moments with symphony of Andre Bocelli’s opera. Your favorite playlist in opera style is an intelligent and endearing portmanteau of commercial music and artistic opera. His style is dulcet and soulful. Elvis Prestly, Celion Dion, Ed Sheeran and many more symphonic duets elate your senses. An evening in the backdrop of romantic evenings when the dusk and twilight begins to dance in the sky to the sound and rythm of the pop opera singer.

Blinded at the age of 12, his passion for music and dulcet singing only grew into finest renditions that touches our soul. Ave Maria, Amazing Grace, Italian songs, has its place in our hearts filling it with hope, love, and beauty. Dramatic, melodious, and symphonic to create a story of emotions stirred as you listen and get engrossed.

Music For The Starry Nights

May 6, 2020
Vaishali Adwant

Today I found the missing link for the ‘Starry Nights’ in the most dramatic fashion. Like a fairy feather sailing swiftly through the rocky boulevards, dark fantasy nights, piercing thunderstorms, without changing its pace or rhythm ushered into the bliss of a new light. Beyond the rave parties of Parvathi Valley and Kasol, lies a macrocosm, uncategorized, undefined, and unified through music.Music traverses you between different worlds and bridges everything in the cosmos with a rhythm and a beat. Within the beats of the fantasy music is a story of how your emotions raise their bar experiencing the better of everything. Music from the mystical lands where fairies and angels exist, and all things softer and dulcet, with a spirit of wilderness and poetic mind, gliding through the empire of angels, above and beyond all realms, is a fete for the soul.Talking of classical poetry of Yeats, Tennyson, and the celebrated ilk, they gave a rythm and music to thoughts, facts, history, philosophy, and more. They told the world in verses musical, how the human evolved, how emotions felt in myriad stages and moments.Coming to a standstill, watching meteor shower and starry nights, the cosmos is beckoning us to a new wave of thought, a food for gumption, symphonies your hearts yearning to sing, and get back to the basics.Love so tender and sweet, sewn through the tapestry of melodic verses, reminding time and again , we are hear to love and live with compassion. Not a ideal world yet, but the moments spent looking at the dreamy universe above us, are moments of beautiful surpless emotions, unhinging your soul into boundlessness.

Rock Versions of National Anthem For the Young and Dynamic India

June 5, 2018
Vaishali Adwant

National Anthem’s original tune and intent melts your heart, and evokes patriotism no matter in which part of the world you have settled. A.R Rahman came up with his version of Vande Mataram a few years back. The best part of the new era musicians is they explore and come up with tunes and compositions with oomph and dynamism. That is what the rock versions of National Anthem do to you, raise your energy and vibration, and beckon your attention into your very identity and the soil you were born into.

We yap about government and politics mindlessly, and pass away time, without giving a forethought about change starts with us, and our will to bring transformation within. The metal version of National Anthem is bombastic and deep. It connects you with a feeling of solidarity, and the fact that what we are regardless of the urbanisation is still not lost and retained ubiquitously as a reminder of times that people forgot.

Struggle and devotion were divine virtues that time of digital world has forgot. Rock and metal versions of National Anthem delineates a time and values through wonderful renditions and compositions that we still inherit the virtues of this land and through our arms open for a revolution that brings a better change in the very thought of the citizens to open up and explore and yet not forget who we are originally and where we belong.

We as a diverse culture bring variety and traditions in its utmost sweetness and welcome ethnicity from any dimension to expand our consciousness. We as a country are a mass of consciousness and not populace alone. When you hear the scared tunes of National Anthem in rock and metal versions, the folksy inside you aligns with the earnestness of what progress in thought and consciousness.

Enjoy this wonderful version of our National Anthem


Love and Music Heals….

February 20, 2018
Vaishali Adwant

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When you truly love someone, moving mountains becomes a regular feature like its a sine qua none. That is what loving someone truly does to your spirit, it makes every mammoth obstacle and complexity seem effortless, and letting the world watch your madness without you realizing what the world sees does not matter at all. Because there is symphony of music playing through all the mayhem.

Zillion times your heart gets mimed in the process, you still feel the beat and harmony inside your heart because the symphony of love, in its truth plays a different beat, sets a new path and nous, unknown to the world busy living an unpoetic life swimming in the ruthless pragmatism. But, if you have even been bitten by true love that stirs your soul, and you have no explanation for it, you are truly blessed to experience the bliss and chaos making the entire sojourn musical. True love and music can only make you so lost and keep you away from the listlessness of mundane life, that it create a newer dimension of wisdom, so virgin, so new, yet so ancient, and existing since aeons, only you understand its divinity.





Taher the Purple Angel- The Baap of Prozac and World Peace

November 18, 2017
Vaishali Adwant

Looking for peace and harmony? Don’t listen to Buddha Bar or World Music, listen to the purple angel who is the harbinger of peace to make it look farcical(ooopsie, did I just say farcical?). Sadhguru can never explain to you the real meaning of life like our endearing Purple Angel does. He is so proud of his prowess that he also revealed the top secret of who designed his costumes.

and that is none other than he himself!!!!He is keeping it a secret where this horrendous inspiration to design that blinding velvet garb came from!It’s okay, we don’t need to know, we know enough already because it is shoved down our throat in the name of is angelic music. How undelightful!

Mother Teressa did not bring peace people, Taher the Purple Angel did it, Children, oh, nobles!!Please correct your history. Taher looks like a pregnant angel in those carpets and tents he robed in, he calls designs.

This will be a good song to subscribe to if you need a course in anger management. No, no, no, you don’t need counseling, you need items like the Purple Angel and his music, to put u in a cockeyed mood. It’s innovative how someone’s absurdity can actually cure your anger trips.

This man is a baap of Prozac, who needs them pills when this purple tonic sways around in his panache. When you see someone who is delusional, it pretty much cures your idea of reality. People like Purple Angels are the living tonics who are so schizo, they make everything else look normal.

Also, one top secret, I will reveal here, that lady in the white robe and a painted masquerade impregnated him. Since he is an angel with a possibility of reversal. May God be with this sweet child, looking for soooo much love that it can only make you go…..hahahahahaha!!!

When shit hits the fan, you get Purple Angels.

Yonder Years of Lucky Ali

November 15, 2017
Vaishali Adwant

Born to a legendary comedian, Lucky Ali has an archetype voice and music that deviates from mainstream Bollywood music. This is the music man who loves what he does. Right from a wonderful voice, and mellifluous pop Hindi songs, he has as well binged into onion farming and selling carpets.

“Sunoh” is a symphonic debut by Lucky Ali which took him 4 years to release it and give him a worldwide fame. You don’t need to be in a good mood to hear the dulcet voice of this singer. His songs from the yonder years are enough to set you in a joyful mood.

With not a lot of songs and albums from this glorious singer, he sure deserves a come back! The world needs more of Lucky Ali music, that lingers in your ears and plays a different beat. If you are the 90’s kid, you sure miss this music man!



Music Has Been My Spiritual Rebirth

November 15, 2017
Vaishali Adwant

Not once in my life did I ever think, because it is hard to imagine for someone like me, that there will be a prolonged stage of inactivity in the cosmos of creativity because that is what my world is about.

For the longest period of time, I didn’t understand the blankness, with moments of epiphany frailed in letting me know who I really was, with flashes of memories. I was sinking deep into the never-never land. I didn’t have a solution to come out of that state of blankness and I thought, let’s just end this burden of life…being so vegetative in my state. The unpredictability through all of this was such a struggle and battling the outside noise, which pretty much grew into a hostile uproar, trying to shut and eclipse the ‘Real Me.’
I would look blankly at my 15-year-old gb&a acoustic guitar and only play  ‘ode to joy’ at times and get propelled back into the black hole of nothingness, sitting there like time wouldn’t just pass.
Deep down in my subconscious mind, something was still awake through all of this. To the outside world, my life seemed bizarre, because nobody has the time to run deep, it only takes love to do that to someone.
That little-awakened something, stayed awakened all the time, and that was what made me want to explore like I used to, going back and forth on this madness through its nothingness. I wouldn’t do any of my artworks over a long period of time. Holding a HB pencil for more than 5 minutes hurt something in my spirit and I  have half-made sketches and write-ups. so, I understood, my spirit is not ready for this, and music is what I binged on to, and feel good. For the longest of time, after experiencing blankness, I felt good. I felt.
It’s been a few months, no relapses. Maybe moments of mood swings, but no relapses what so ever. The miracle is I no more seem to enjoy death metal music, or sad, disturbing lyrics and can no more stand the very sound of them. I feel sad for Linkin Park, if only he had some spiritual help through his darkness, he’d live longer.
I understand his journey and every bit of melancholy and separateness, but I could battle it out, and wish he could too. I do not feel sad though I do reflect on too many things that I had no choice but deal with. I only wish people listen to some good music and see the better side of everything, and I did the same.
I do not have a reason to feel sorry for myself. I never did. My scathing experiences only encouraged me to be stronger than ever and not lose sight of all the good that God has given me and my life. I just cannot listen to sad music anymore. I have grown out of all the darkness surrounding me,,,because my focus has always been on that one ray of light, and I just kept looking at it till I got there.
I have been amongst those few ppl who had a gumption my true calling pretty early on in my life.
As a kid, being the studios one, one of the top rankers in my class, I was certain that films, designing, and music is what I am going to do and I did pursue regardless of conformist opposition, and all the evil that I have battled.

Art and music feed my soul like nothing else do through everything and nothingness. 

Bollywood Musicals- A Genre to Explore

November 11, 2017
Vaishali Adwant

Rom coms are passe. Indian audience needs more than corny love stories with tidbits of humor thrown in. There is more to fiction and drama than boy meets girl stories. Musicals are melody etched in stories through the journey of joy, happiness, redemption, melancholy, and motley of emotions. When words fall short, music does it for you, and words are not even needed, moments are created with depth that only soul understands. That is what a musical should do to you. Like Khamoshi and Aashiqui, there are only a handful of Bollywood musicals that have created magic through its stories harmonized in music.

Less than 10 Musicals in the History of Bollywood, unimpressive and ironic, given the fact that ever genre of Bollywood movies have mindless singing and dancing without the intent of making them musicals to the core. Musicals have a beautiful story that make depict emotions like poetry.



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