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Funny Bollywood Songs That Break Convention of Love Songs

February 11, 2018
Vaishali Adwant


Bollywood Comedy songs that give you a break from gushy love and sad Bollywood songs. Not your party music, but enjoyable and quirky. Breaking away from the conventional composition and humdrum, these songs beat a different drum. With lyrics that make you grin if not rib-tickle, these are the kind of songs that can never drip your take on entertainment.

When the Thailava of Bollywood sings a quirky song that diverts from the typical tear-jerking romantic songs he does, this man Shah Rukh Khan, can pull a Lungi Dance like no other along with Yo Yo Honey Singh


A unique song, something that only Govinda can pull off. Devang Patel, the comedy musician and singer who has delivered rib tickling witty songs, has given Bollywood very few but funny numbers. You cannot stop laughing or grinning listening to the bindaas and eccentric nature of this song.

Well, this is song is lip synching to its own original tune with the witty parody in the background. Not your run-of-the-mill cheesy Sahil Jamdar kind of spoofy songs. Yeah parody mein toh hasi ki goli hai.


Yet another Devang Patel and Govinda number from Bollywood with witty lyrics and choreography. These are the only well made comedy songs that are evergreen. Could they ever bore you? I don’t think so. When a composition is made with madness and laughter it rarely fails.

The iconic dance steps and choreography are a sone pe suhaga of this song. An ideal song for Bollywood GIFs cannot fail in its entertainment quotient. Expressions that deserve a separate category in film awards, even Ranveer Singh cannot pull off a Govinda in his atypical style. If you need mindless entertainment, this is something that you must look into.

Can your belly digest this song? even if you are from the sanskaari branded brand? I do think so. Aamir Khan has something uncanny and archetype to offer. Diverting completely from what he usually does, this song has a different beat and make offending you musical and fun. Songs like these, you only laugh them off. hehehahaha

Bollywood Musicals- A Genre to Explore

November 11, 2017
Vaishali Adwant

Rom coms are passe. Indian audience needs more than corny love stories with tidbits of humor thrown in. There is more to fiction and drama than boy meets girl stories. Musicals are melody etched in stories through the journey of joy, happiness, redemption, melancholy, and motley of emotions. When words fall short, music does it for you, and words are not even needed, moments are created with depth that only soul understands. That is what a musical should do to you. Like Khamoshi and Aashiqui, there are only a handful of Bollywood musicals that have created magic through its stories harmonized in music.

Less than 10 Musicals in the History of Bollywood, unimpressive and ironic, given the fact that ever genre of Bollywood movies have mindless singing and dancing without the intent of making them musicals to the core. Musicals have a beautiful story that make depict emotions like poetry.



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