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Yonder Years of Lucky Ali

November 15, 2017
Vaishali Adwant

Born to a legendary comedian, Lucky Ali has an archetype voice and music that deviates from mainstream Bollywood music. This is the music man who loves what he does. Right from a wonderful voice, and mellifluous pop Hindi songs, he has as well binged into onion farming and selling carpets.

“Sunoh” is a symphonic debut by Lucky Ali which took him 4 years to release it and give him a worldwide fame. You don’t need to be in a good mood to hear the dulcet voice of this singer. His songs from the yonder years are enough to set you in a joyful mood.

With not a lot of songs and albums from this glorious singer, he sure deserves a come back! The world needs more of Lucky Ali music, that lingers in your ears and plays a different beat. If you are the 90’s kid, you sure miss this music man!



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