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Taher the Purple Angel- The Baap of Prozac and World Peace

November 18, 2017
Vaishali Adwant

Looking for peace and harmony? Don’t listen to Buddha Bar or World Music, listen to the purple angel who is the harbinger of peace to make it look farcical(ooopsie, did I just say farcical?). Sadhguru can never explain to you the real meaning of life like our endearing Purple Angel does. He is so proud of his prowess that he also revealed the top secret of who designed his costumes.

and that is none other than he himself!!!!He is keeping it a secret where this horrendous inspiration to design that blinding velvet garb came from!It’s okay, we don’t need to know, we know enough already because it is shoved down our throat in the name of is angelic music. How undelightful!

Mother Teressa did not bring peace people, Taher the Purple Angel did it, Children, oh, nobles!!Please correct your history. Taher looks like a pregnant angel in those carpets and tents he robed in, he calls designs.

This will be a good song to subscribe to if you need a course in anger management. No, no, no, you don’t need counseling, you need items like the Purple Angel and his music, to put u in a cockeyed mood. It’s innovative how someone’s absurdity can actually cure your anger trips.

This man is a baap of Prozac, who needs them pills when this purple tonic sways around in his panache. When you see someone who is delusional, it pretty much cures your idea of reality. People like Purple Angels are the living tonics who are so schizo, they make everything else look normal.

Also, one top secret, I will reveal here, that lady in the white robe and a painted masquerade impregnated him. Since he is an angel with a possibility of reversal. May God be with this sweet child, looking for soooo much love that it can only make you go…..hahahahahaha!!!

When shit hits the fan, you get Purple Angels.

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